Talking to Kristen Schaal about 'Bob's Burgers' and Being More Autobiographical On Stage
Between prominent roles in Bob's Burgers, The Daily Show, 30 Rock, and Flight of the Conchords, it seems like Kristen Schaal has had a part in just about every great TV comedy over the past few years. In addition to her busy TV and movie career, Schaal is also an accomplished stand-up, having hosted... [Read More]
Next 'Archer' season will include a 'Bob's Burgers' crossover episode
This is real! H. Jon Benjamin told Entertainment Weekly: “[Archer creator Adam Reed] really likes Bob’s Burgers. And the fourth season has a Bob’s Burgers tie-in, which is really bizarre.” First, join the club, Adam. Second, aaaaaaaaah! And it won't be like a little cameo, it's a full episode built around Bob's Burgers. [Read More]
Fox Keeping 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad' and 'Bob's Burgers' Around for Another Season
Seth MacFarlane's pockets are getting even more full: Fox just renewed both Family Guy and American Dad for their eleventh and eighth seasons, respectively. It's not all good news for MacFarlane, however, as Fox has decided to hold off on renewing The Cleveland Show until its fourth season starts to... [Read More]
Here's the Full Bob's Burgers Fox Anniversary Clip Fox Chopped Down to 10 Seconds
For Fox's 25th Anniversary special, the folks over at Bob's Burgers made this delightful 70 second clip. Because, as they say on their Tumblr, Fox had to make room "to make room for a 20-minute montage of Ed Bundy saying, 'NOT TONIGHT, PEG!'," a mere 10 seconds of it was actually shown on TV. [Read More]
Watch the Cast of Bob’s Burgers Goof Off While Recording Season Two (video)
Vulture was lucky enough to catch up with some of the cast of Fox's animated comedy Bob's Burgers during a recent voice recording session (season two begins this Sunday), and we were serenaded by a feisty John Roberts (who voices mom Linda) alongside a hot-pink-lipstick-wearing H. Jon Benjamin (Bob) and a very wry Kristen Schaal (Louise). [Read More]
Bob's Burgers Is Rebounding in the Ratings After a So-So Premiere
Ratings for Bob's Burgers were up 11% last night after a non-amazing season two premiere. Maybe you didn't know the Belchers were back on the air? Because they are. And you can watch them.---See more posts by Hallie Cantor0 comments... [Read More]
Fox Orders More 'Bob's Burgers' Scripts
Fox is taking a bigger bite out of Bob's Burgers. The network has ordered nine additional scripts for the animated comedy's second season, an announcement made before a standing room only audience at Comic Con Friday. [Read More]
Comedian John Roberts Talks New Podcast, 'Bob's Burgers' And Tracy Morgan Controversy (video)
John Roberts, who currently voices Linda Belcher on "Bob's Burgers," has found a new outlet for his comedy: podcasting. He and some special guests will perform and record "John Roberts' Podcast Theater" at Caroline's this Thursday, and we had a chance to catch up with the busy comic. [Read More]
'Bob's Burgers' Cast Dishes On Their Characters, Season 2 & Just How Hungry They Are (video) | HuffPo Comedy
The show’s success is undoubtedly due in large part to the stellar casting: Bob’s Burgers boasts eccentric comedians like Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts and Dan Mintz. And, recently, Huffington Post Comedy had a chat with 80 percent of the cast – Mintz was there in spirit, I’m sure – and they’ve just put up a video of their slightly surreal interview. [Read More]
Bob's Burgers Bumped To Mid-Season For Allen Gregory
Variety reports that Fox's Allen Gregory, which follows the grade school adventures of a hyper-precocious seven-year-old boy, will join the network's Sunday night "Animation Domination" block this fall. This will probably translate into a mid-season start for Bob's Burgers. [Read More]