Toby Keith has sold the most comedy albums nine weeks running
Most of my comedian friends obsess over the iTunes charts, especially when they or one of their friends releases a stand-up comedy album. (Same goes for me and my podcasting friends about the iTunes podcast charts) But over on Billboard, the comedy charts have been ruled by country music star Toby K... [Read More]
Comedy Central Bought a Billboard for ‘The President Show’ Three Miles Away from Mar-a-Lago
Anthony Atamanuik’s new show The President Show debuts on Comedy Central this Thursday, and the network found a way to make sure that the real Donald Trump doesn’t miss the big premiere. Today, Comedy Central tweeted the below image of a real billboard they purchased to promote the show,... [Read More]
Philadelphia’s Clint Coley Lands On Billboard’s Top Comedy Albums Charts
Philadelphia native Clint Coley has just found himself amongst a few big names after releasing his new comedy album Sturgis. For the 5 track comedy EP, Clint takes listeners for a trip to the playground he grew up on, Sturgis. The feature recorded by Everybody Eats production in Portland has n... [Read More]
‘Nathan for You’s New Billboards Are Perfect
Nathan for You‘s new season starts next Thursday, so the promotional machine is in full swing. And naturally, Nathan Fielder isn’t just putting up boring old billboards. He’s putting up billboards that are a complete and total copy of last fall’s billboards for NBC’s Th... [Read More]
Late Late Show host James Corden makes late late push for relevancy (Video)
James Corden begins his Late Late Show hosting tenure next week. CBS seems excited for its new talents (Stephen Colbert takes over Late Show later this year). The only problem is– no one seems to know who James Corden is! Corden has won a Tony Award and a BAFTA (it’s like a British Oscar... [Read More]
Weird Al Gets His First #1 Album on the Billboard Charts with 'Mandatory Fun'
by Megh Wright After over a week of releasing music videos and an over 30-year career of parodying pop songs, Weird Al Yankovic has finally reached the #1 spot on the Billboard charts with his latest album Mandatory Fun, selling over 104,700 copies last week. Yankovic announced the news today via Tw... [Read More]
A Day in the Life of Jerrod Carmichael
by Bradford Evans Billboard has a new profile of Jerrod Carmichael, who recently filmed his first standup special for HBO, giving the reader an hour-by-hour account of Carmichael's entire day shooting the Spike Lee-directed special in case you've ever wondered what the behind the scenes process of a... [Read More]
‘Broad City’ and ‘Key & Peele’ give convincing arguments as to why they deserve an Emmy
Every year networks and executives do their best impression of a US senator and campaign for award consideration. Sometimes it’s annoying, and sometimes it’s just delightful. Comedy Central revealed two new billboards for their newest runaway hits Key & Peele and Broad City, providin... [Read More]
Eddie Murphy wants to party all the time with Snoop
30 years ago, Eddie Murphy was on top of the world. A star at both the box office and on Saturday Night Live, he also had a hit album with Comedian, one of his stand-up specials. 20 years ago, Calvin Corodozar Broadus, Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg or Snoop Doggy Dogg, was also on [...]Eddie Murph... [Read More]