Arthur Meyer’s “Subway Idiot” Is Back Just in Time for Halloween
Halloween weekend has begun in New York City, which means the subway is about to get packed with tons of drunk people wearing their Ken Bone costumes. Thankfully, Tonight Show writer Arthur Meyer’s lovable NYC weirdo “Subway Idiot” has returned with a brand new video showing off al... [Read More]
A Lot Happens When Arthur Meyer Misses the Subway
Earlier this week, Gothamist released a video called “Watch NYers’ Hearts Break As They JUST Miss The Subway Train,” and while it’s a pretty good depiction of one of the most frustrating moments of underground NYC travel, Tonight Show writer Arthur Meyer has been bringing us ... [Read More]
An Excerpt From ‘FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia’
by Brian Boone FUDS began in 2012 as a parody menu satirizing the foodie scene, food blogs, and, mostly, pretentious food words. (The menu includes “thick crust stringer chunks,” “crab dorks,” and “sea sucklers towered over a seaweed sleeping bag and calmed with a ... [Read More]
Joe Pera and Nathan Min are having “The Perfect Week” in new JASH web-series
Joe Pera and Nathan Min are New York comedians, and they’re about to have the best week of their lives. The duo co-created and star in Youtube channel JASH‘s newest web-series, The Perfect Week. Stand-up Pera (Comedy Central UpNext) and Min (UCB) play a mailman and a doctor respectively ... [Read More]
ICYMI: Katy Perry Retweets Gets ‘Late Night’ Laughs
Katy Perry is on fire. We’ve seen her top the charts numerous times, play Warped Tour and sell out a headlining, international arena tour without batting an eyelash. Since her [...]Author informationMeredith SchneiderContributing Editor at Serial OptimistMeredith runs DoubleTake Productions wi... [Read More]
'Late Night' Writer Arthur Meyer Reads Bob Saget a Fan Letter He Wrote Him as a Child
by Bradford Evans Bob Saget was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, and one of the writers for the show, Arthur Meyer, went on to read Saget a fan letter he wrote him in 1992 when he was eight years old. He was not very good at writing fan letters. 0 Comments... [Read More]
“We Made This Movie” provides late-night TV crossover for Arthur Meyer on David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon
New York City comedy fans -- particularly those who make their second homes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres -- might have gone bonkers last night seeing that Arthur Meyer was a guest on Late Show with David Letterman. Arthur Meyer was part o... [Read More]
Pangea 3000, Sketch-Comedy Troupe, on Disbanding | NY Times
The four members of the NYC sketch comedy group Pangea 3000 are going their separate ways, at least for the time being. [Read More]