Tom Cotter’s audition on America’s Got Talent 7, season 2012
Every year, a few stand-up comedians throw themselves into the mix that is NBC's America's Got Talent, and it's always interesting to see how the judges react -- considering former stand-up comedian Howie Mandel is among them. This season, Tom Cotter... [Read More]
J. Chris Newberg owns Piers Morgan in surprise live televised roast on America’s Got Talent 2011
On Tuesday night's "wild card" round of America's Got Talent for 2011, comedian J. Chris Newberg decided to scrap the guitar and went with his gut, and his gut told him to surprise judge Piers Morgan with a live roast of Piers Morgan! [Read More]
Piers Morgan on America's Got Talent: Gelotophobia on network television?
There it is, at 0:50 of the clip: “Geechy Guy is, with the possible exception of Howie Mandel, the most annoying person we’ve ever had on America’s Got Talent.” Piers Morgan delivers the line with a TOE-tah-lee straight face.... [Read More]
Geechy Guy's quarterfinal performance and exit interview from America's Got Talent 2011
So far stand-up comedians are 0-2 in making it past the quarterfinal stage in the 2011 season of NBC's America's Got Talent -- although, of course, there will be a wild-card addition which gives both J. Chris Newberg and Geechy Guy one more chance to sneak into the semis this summer, if the judges deem it so. [Read More]
Laughspin analysis: When is it ok to laugh at dark comedy?
What then, exactly qualifies as “wrong” or “dark” comedy? What is appealing about dark comedy? Is it really wrong to laugh at touchy subjects like politics, religion, race– even rape? As everyone brings their own perspective to watching comedy, obviously there’s no single answer. [Read More]
J. Chris Newberg's exit interview and debriefing from America's Got Talent 2011
On last night's episode of America's Got Talent, musical comedian J Chris Newberg did not get one of the four spots in the semifinals. Spoiler alert? Although if they're doing four out of 12 in each of the quarterfinals, you'd... [Read More]
Watch musical comedian J. Chris Newberg win over “America’s Got Talent” audience
America’s Got Talent reminds me of a coliseum in Ancient Rome, where the entire bloodthirsty audience was in attendance to see some grisly death by tiger or rhinoceros or whatever other beast happened to live in Italy at the time. They’re out for blood, not for a solid performance by a gladiator. With that in mind, J. Chris Newberg’s stand-up-and-musical performance on the program last night is doubly impressive. [Read More]
J. Chris Newberg, Geechy Guy join Melissa Villasenor in top 48 of America's Got Talent 2011
Melissa Villasenor got fast-tracked by the judges to Hollywood along with a few other contestants with varied talents (including the more circus-y big-tent types), while J. Chris Newberg (at left) and Geechy Guy both received approvals following Vegas auditions. And Newberg got to tell Piers Morgan: "Suck it." [Read More]
Open Call: America’s Got Talent Announces YouTube Auditions
NBC’s America’s Got Talent and its producers have re-partnered with YouTube to allow talented acts from across the country the opportunity to audition online for their shot at stardom and a million-dollar prize. Beginning May 5 through June 9, acts of all ages can now upload their audition videos via the “America’s Got Talent” Audition App, or at various sites online. Following the June 9 deadline, producers will select 20 acts for the YouTube community to view and vote for their favorites. T... [Read More]