'Non-stop gagster and comedy scientist': Paul O’Grady, Alan Davies and Frank Cottrell Boyce on Ken Dodd
Paul O’Grady’s family cheered him outside court. Alan Davies couldn’t get a word in over lunch. And he got Frank Cottrell Boyce by the chuckle muscle. Stars remember the brilliantly bizarre comedianIf Doddy was doing a show in Liverpool, it was always packed out. He had a fabulous ... [Read More]
Alan Davies new “As Yet Untitled” series essentially is The Green Room with Paul Provenza in everything but name
Alan Davies, the British comedian, host of QI and star of Jonathan Creek, heads up a new chat show this evening across the pond in the U.K. that purposefully has no title until the end of each episode, when he asks his comedian guests to come up with one with him. Everything before that on As Yet Un... [Read More]