Nikki Glaser is a killer in the new film, “Anything Boys Can Do” created by Bonnie McFarlane
Nikki Glaser stars in a new film and it’s a killer role. Glaser is a woman who is trying to… MORE Nikki Glaser is a killer in the new film, “Anything Boys Can Do” created by Bonnie McFarlane appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
How sensitive will Canadian comedy audiences (or bookers) get?
Just when you thought it was safe to tell jokes in Canada… Wait. You thought it was safe to tell jokes in Canada? Don’t let the extravagance of Just For Laughs fool you. For all of the “ethnic” and “nasty” shows at JFL Montreal each July, there are comedy bookers... [Read More]
Comedian Danish Anwar set to launch VR comedy series “Your Hood’s a Joke”
As a performer, Danish Anwar draws from his extensive global travels and an unhealthy obsession with politics. The award-winning comedian has teamed up with Toronto based Eggplant Picture and Sound and Timshel Pictures to launch the pilot of new live-to-tape comedy series, Your Hood’s a Joke &... [Read More]
Aaron Berg delivers “Unscripted Live from the Comedy Inn Miami”
Comedy Records is proud to announce a brand new release from Aaron Berg, Unscripted Live From The Comedy Inn Miami. As the title suggests, the LP was recorded at Miami’s premiere comedy venue, The Comedy Inn and features Berg delivering a full set of unrelenting and unscripted crowd work. Aaro... [Read More]
I Had To Follow That!? #8: Aaron Berg figures out how to follow Howie Mandel
Aaron Berg had a headlining gig in which Howie Mandel dropped in before he began for a quick set. Berg didn’t do too well after him. The first time it didn’t go well, so Berg went home to figure out how to not fail again and he got the opportunity to try to go up […] I Had To Foll... [Read More]
Aaron Berg, Jessica Delfino set out to break Steve Byrne’s record for stand-up comedy sets in one night
Aaron Berg is known for his muscles and muscling his way through any crowd work that comes his way, whether he's working a guest spot at a comedy club, headlining a show or hosting his popular free Frantic showcase Monday nights at The Stand in New York City. This Saturday will be the most frantic [... [Read More]
What would it look like if comedians starred in “Goodfellas”? Some NYC comedians attempt to find out
The Stand is a terrific comedy club in NYC where you can catch some of the best talent the city has to offer any night of the week. To celebrate their “Summer Of The Stand” series, the club gathered some comedians to participate in a shot for shot re-enactment of one of cinema’s mo... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Podcast: Bad meat with Aaron Berg
This week comedian Aaron Berg talks comedy news with Mark. The discussion ranges from bad meat, hair clubs, body builders named “Hot Chocolate,” past addictions to wine, his new book, receiving oral pleasure 3 times on stage in Canada, and cutting edge comedy. To say a wide variety of to... [Read More]