Helen Mirren to Host Meyers, Armisen, and Hader’s IFC Series ‘Documentary Now!’
Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, and Bill Hader’s upcoming IFC series Documentary Now! premieres in August, and according to EW they just added the perfect host. Oscar and Emmy-winning actress Helen Mirren has officially signed on to act as emcee for the documentary series spoof, which will also fea... [Read More]
Adult Swim Renews ‘Childrens Hospital’ for a Seventh Season
Rob Corddry’s Childrens Hospital is returning to Adult Swim for another season. In a press release, the network announced today that it’s given a season 7 order to the series, which wraps up its current 14-episode season later this month. “I’m happy,” said Corddry on th... [Read More]
Michael Sheen Becomes a Sad Singing German Robot on ‘Reggie Makes Music’
IFC uploaded a new installment of Reggie Makes Music today with special guest Michael Sheen, and it’s an absolute delight. German robots have long been ignored in the music world, but thankfully Sheen understands that they have feelings too and deserve beautiful musical sendups just like the r... [Read More]
Comedy Central Orders a Weekly Series and Standup Special Starring Nikki Glaser
Standup, former talk show host, and Inside Amy Schumer regular Nikki Glaser is headed to Comedy Central with two new projects. Deadline reports that the network has ordered an hourlong standup special from Glaser as well as 10 episodes of a weekly series called Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. The weekly... [Read More]
Cracking the Comedy Code with ‘Onion’ Founding Editor Scott Dikkers
After Scott Dikkers added me on Skype for our interview, a notification came up that it was his birthday. Considering I was interviewing him on the April Fool’s Day, this would be like talking to Patton on Memorial Day. Then it turned out that Scott Dikkers’ Skype birthday is a ruse, ano... [Read More]
Imagine if Dan St. Germain were John McLane in this Die Hard spoof (video)
We’re calling it now. When the call comes down for Hollywood bigwigs to remake Die Hard (trust us, it’s coming) we’ll be there to make the plea for casting directors to bring on comedian Dan St. Germain for the role as John McClane. In this web short which also features Jordan Carl... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper Is Totally Fine with the NSA Taking All His Stuff
During last night’s Daily Show, Senior Surveillance Correspondent Jordan Klepper defended the NSA’s shady methods of intelligence-gathering following yesterday’s expiration of the Patriot Act. Seriously though, NSA, you can still gather all the data you want from Klepper’s ap... [Read More]
Joel McHale Says He’s Ready for the ‘Community’ Movie on ‘Conan’
Here’s a clip from Joel McHale’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien chat about Community’s latest season on Yahoo as well as the possibility of finally making a Community movie. McHale, for his part, is ready as long as Dan Harmon is: “I think we wi... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan visits Saturday Night Live studios for the first time since his accident
After his emotional Today show interview this morning, Tracy Morgan continued his first interview post accident last year. For the second segment of his interview with Matt Lauer for the NBC Nightly News, Morgan walked the halls of Saturday Night Live for the first time. Particularly mentioned how h... [Read More]
Reggie Watts will appear on Comedy Bang! Bang! for the last time this Thursday
This Thursday we all have to say goodbye to Reggie Watts as his time on Comedy Bang! Bang! will come to an end on IFC. As we know by now Reggie is the new band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden where he’s kicking around on network TV. On the latest episode […] Reggie Watts ... [Read More]