Presenting ‘Mastergate,’ an October Comedy Surprise
I’ve seen countless posts across the Internet this year saying some variation of “2016 sucks for killing so many of our favorite celebrities.” Obviously they worded it less like a robot pretending to be a human, but you get the point. I’m not breaking any news when I say it&r... [Read More]
Arthur Meyer’s “Subway Idiot” Is Back Just in Time for Halloween
Halloween weekend has begun in New York City, which means the subway is about to get packed with tons of drunk people wearing their Ken Bone costumes. Thankfully, Tonight Show writer Arthur Meyer’s lovable NYC weirdo “Subway Idiot” has returned with a brand new video showing off al... [Read More]
Jordan Klepper: ‘Daily Show’ Star, Trump Supporter Expert, Trustworthy Face
Since joining The Daily Show in 2014, UCB, Second City, and iO alum Jordan Klepper has risen to become the show’s standout performer. In recent months he’s consistently delivered some of the best coverage of Donald Trump rallies on late night TV, and the success from his election fi... [Read More]
Martin Short and Steve Martin Play a Game of “True Confessions” on ‘The Tonight Show’
Here’s a clip from Martin Short and Steve Martin’s appearance on last night’s Tonight Show, where they sit down with Jimmy Fallon for an intense game of “True Confessions” — a game Steve Martin takes very seriously. “I have a problem here because I’ve ... [Read More]