Beth Stelling and the World of Female-Dominated Standup
“Standup comedy is very female dominated,” says comedian Beth Stelling, as she takes the stage at the Royale in Boston for the filming of her Comedy Central Half Hour. She follows that statement with a charming tale of attending a comedy festival and receiving a gift bag, wherein the mai... [Read More]
Using Comedy to Find Emotions with ‘The Final Girls’ Director Todd Strauss-Schulson
With The Final Girls (out now in theaters and VOD), director Todd Strauss-Schulson has made a movie that’s funny, emotional, scary, and original all at the same time. The movie offers a wry satire of the overacted slasher movies of the ‘80s. But, beneath the satire and camp, there’... [Read More]
Black-Ish’s Kenya Barris Highlights Deon Cole’s Ability, And Talks Larry Wilmore
As season 2 of Black-ish roles out, producer Kenya Barris caught up with The New York Times to speak on different elements on the show. In his interview, Kenya went on to explain how he adjusted when Larry Wilmore shifted to Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show. He then shared his feelings on De... [Read More]
Kate McKinnon Really, Really Wants to Be Best Pals with Amy Schumer
Here are the newest promos for this weekend’s SNL, in which Kate McKinnon probably tries a little too hard to get on the good side of host Amy Schumer. [Read More]
Cool thing to buy this week: Eddie Ifft “LIVE!”
iTunes | Amazon Those who are fans of stand-up are well aware that success in comedy comes from finding an authentic voice. There couldn’t be a more authentic voice than Eddie Ifft, whose comedy practically transports listeners into his mind for the duration of his set. Combining a blunt deliv... [Read More]
Bruno Mars is getting in on the act with a new family comedy for NBC
With the recent announcement of Nicki Minaj and her new ABC Family show as well as FOX and their new drama involving Pitbull, it seems the networks, in this case NBC, are diving into the music pool yet again for something new. According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has landed a deal with Bruno Mars ... [Read More]
Naomi Skwarna (@awomanskwarned) on Lifestyle Tweeters and Imagined Value Shifts
Naomi Skwarna is a writer and artist living in Toronto. She has written for Hazlitt, The Hairpin, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, The National Post, The Believer, and others. Her first play will be produced next month with the Toronto company Theatrefront. This week Skwarna shared her thoughts on ... [Read More]
“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” horror comedy trailer reveals the other side of the story
Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army of undead zombies. Here’s the trailer for the horror comedy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. “Pride and Prejudi... [Read More]
‘Nathan for You’s New Billboards Are Perfect
Nathan for You‘s new season starts next Thursday, so the promotional machine is in full swing. And naturally, Nathan Fielder isn’t just putting up boring old billboards. He’s putting up billboards that are a complete and total copy of last fall’s billboards for NBC’s Th... [Read More]