Louis C.K. in Toronto: a non-review from the Back of the Room
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Louis C.K. became big in this country. My first time seeing him live was in Montreal at the 2007 edition of Just For Laughs, and I remember being startled by the audience’s (very vocal) devotion to the man during his set. I spoke to a few people at the show in Toronto who were also pleasantly stunned by the demand for tickets and the excitement among the crowd as showtime approached. Louis CK fans up here don’t realize how many of us there really are.

In Canada, Louis doesn’t have the amount of exposure he does in the US. His HBO sitcom Lucky Louie aired here on a cable movie network that nobody has. He rarely performs up here. Short of his appearances on late-night talk shows, and being mentioned in lists of reasons why Dane Cook sucks, there’s only one reasonable explanation for his ability to sell 1200 tickets to us so easily:

He’s damn good, and word travels. Simple as that.


Written by JessePerry
 3419 days
Is his new set on HBO out yet? I was thinkin the release date for the DVD was set for this month
Written by ChadRiden
 3419 days
He is churning out new material faster than most people can comprehend. Shameless has been out for a while. Last year's show, Chewed UP, premiered on Showtime on Saturday, Oct. 4 and goes on sale on DVD and CD on December 16th. The newer, new, new material in the Hilarious tour will continue thru 2009.. when I expect he'll record as a special and release on dvd while touring with another hour of material.
Written by JessePerry
 3416 days
Best stand-up comic working today? I vote yes. The combination of honesty, joke-writing, and prolificityidic... He writes alot, I gotta put him up there.