Lonelygirl48 is not buying it: The Laugh Button interview with Kendra Cunningham
Kendra Cunningham is juggling more projects than you can fit into a tweet: two award winning web series’, a television pilot, and a killer blog. Plus, she’s producing and co-starring in a feature film and working on a screenplay. I haven’t even mentioned her ever-growing list of st... [Read More]
Cristela Alonzo on Conan, “This chicken is 12 dollars a pound because it played the cello and liked to surf”
Cristela Alonzo has a sure-fire way to lose weight; some might call it Euro-Style. Cristela Alonzo on Conan, “This chicken is 12 dollars a pound because it played the cello and liked to surf” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
A Discussion About Philosophy and Spirituality with Eddie Pepitone
by Isaac Kozell On his new full length comedy album, In Ruins, Eddie Pepitone lives up to his Bitter Buddha reputation with passionate diatribes on everything from the cost of war to his ongoing existential crisis. Like a well-caffeinated sidewalk preacher, Pepitone delivers his sermon with an impro... [Read More]
Jon Stewart visits WWE’s Monday Night RAW, kicks Seth Rollins in the balls
The "feud" between Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and the WWE's Seth Rollins came to a head Monday night on the pro wrestling's live RAW telecast, as Rollins mocked Stewart with a fake "Daily Show" set, only to have the satirical news anchor show up and kick him right in the balls. After roasting him ... [Read More]
Jane Lynch to star in comedy pilot “Angel from Hell” for CBS
Weeks before Glee’s series finale, Jane Lynch has locked down her next television role. Lynch will star in CBS’s pilot “Angel From Hell. The half-hour comedy centers around an unlikely friendship formed when a woman, Amy (Lynch), claims to be another woman’s, A... [Read More]
Jane Lynch to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot 'Angel from Hell'
by Megh Wright Jane Lynch just landed another starring TV role. According to Deadline, Lynch has signed on to star in a half-hour CBS comedy pilot called Angel from Hell, which follows Lynch as a "larger-than-life, brassy, and flamboyant" woman named Amy who enters Allison's life and claims to be he... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari Leads a Live Reading of His Screenplay 'Ghost Plane' on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Aziz Ansari's visit to last night's Conan, where he decided to bring copies of a screenplay he wrote on Twitter called Ghost Plane to do a live reading with Andy Richter and O'Brien, who graciously agrees to read all the female parts. Watch more from Ansari's interv... [Read More]
Jon Stewart’s beef with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins just came to (low) blows
The Seth Rollins vs. Jon Stewart pseudo beef just escalated. If you weren’t paying attention, lets catch you up. A few weeks ago, pro wrestler Seth Rollins threw shade at The Daily Show host. Last week Stewart responded by cutting a promo, saying Rollins shouldn’tve messed with The Daily... [Read More]
Netflix sets premiere date for “Wet Hot American Summer,” new stand-up specials from Chris D’Elia and Jen Kirkman
Today Netflix announced a bunch of new premiere dates, perhaps one of the most exciting being the return of We Hot American Summer. That’s right, mark the calendars for July 17th as the date the eight-episode run begins on the streaming video channel. Feel the fire! Additionally, the ‘Fl... [Read More]
Madonna eyes comedy career, should music ever fail her
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone – pop icon, mediocre actress, BSDM queen, and… stand-up comedian? Well, after you’ve intentionally published a book that shows you and Vanilla Ice doing the nasty, where else is there to go but onstage in front of a microphone to tell jokes about it... [Read More]