Full Time Magic
Nate Bargatze is awesome.  Seriously awesome.  And he has a new album out called “Full Time Magic,” released by Comedy Central Records.  Are you still reading this?  Just go buy it.  You won’t regret it.For those of you still here, let me get one “war... [Read More]
When You Gonna Be A Dentist?
There is not a single weak moment on Alex Wood's When You Gonna Be A Dentist? the comic's self-release MP3 album. The young comic, he is in his late twenties, really knows what he is doing on stage and leaves you wanting more, soon. Biographical material is only as interesting ... [Read More]
Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2
There is no way you can't enyoy Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2. This Comedy Central show features many different segments, a definite taste for the raunchy, a great and very talented star, and some excellent and original writing. I am not a big fan of skit comedy but ... [Read More]
With such renowned thespians as Ron Jeremy (Terms of Endowment, 21 Hump Street) and Dustin Diamond (the original Chia head model and Screech in Saved by the Bell) and leads that do not have their picture on IMDB, you know Tetherball has to be something just too weird not to ... [Read More]
Thirty One
A comic in his early thirties is at a crossroads: Too old for the college crowd and that kind of material, too young for the kind of material that will interest the married crowd. This is something Michael Malone cleverly faces head on in Thirty One, a solid show that ... [Read More]
I m Not Who You Think You Are
My first question looking at David's Zasloff music comedy CD was “How can you do comedy if you play trumpet?”  Zasloff doesn't play trumpet here but he does pretty good comedy. I'm Not Who You Think You Are is the oddest and most varied musical comedy album I have heard ... [Read More]
This Is Cool, Right?
This Is Cool, Right?,   is one hell of a funny comedy album.  Brooks Wheelan is a different and voice in the current glut of stand-up. This mostly biographical comic definitely has a different story to tell and his style is all his own. To wit, the bit about his dad ... [Read More]
Chinese Affection
I want to start a Kickstarter campaign for the many brilliant practical joke scenaria Dan Cummins presents on Chinese Affection. This is comedy off the overly beaten path and the kind of material those of us who are addicted to stand-up appreciate partly because it is different but mostly because ..... [Read More]
Sight Gags
When a comic titles his CD Sight Gags, he is telling the audience he has an off-beat sense of humor. That is very much the case for David Pryde. What it does not reveal is Pryde covers a wide range of humor from the slightly risque bit on fellatio or ... [Read More]
Lee & Jon Fun makes me want to pee.  I am not partial to the shoot-the-shit improvisation school of comedy Lee Curtis and John Beraya practice on this cassette / vinyl / MP3 album. That said, I rather enjoyed this one. It avoids all the pitfalls of the genre like ... [Read More]