Appreciating Will Forte, SNL's missing ingredient
When people say that something isn't quite right about this season of Saturday Night Live, whether or not they know it, they're saying that they miss Will Forte. While it's true that Forte was far from the only member of the cast and ... [Read More]
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Kanye West creates fun in an otherwise un-funny Saturday Night Live episode
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Is `SNL' leasing its sketches to advertisers?
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Anne Hathaway, Jay Pharoah lead Saturday Night Live to a solid night of laughs
She awkwardly mumbles as the pseudo-“complex” Katie Holmes on the Miley Cyrus Show. She dons a Dorothy costume and Judy Garland’s voice to boot. She Brits-up as royalty-to-be Kate Middleton. She kicks up combat-booted heels as Alanis Morrissette. She... [Read More]
Bonus dress rehearsal clip from SNL #36.7: The Thanksgivies, awards for ruining Thanksgiving dinner
Hey kids, just in time for Thanksgiving, but not in time to make it into last night's live episode of SNL, the show presented the "Thanksgivies," awards handed out to various family members for ruining Thanksgiving dinner. Categories i... [Read More]
SNL #36.6 RECAP: Host Scarlett Johansson, musical guest Arcade Fire
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