The Return of Pilot Season | the comic's comic
Pilot Season is back where audiences can actually relive the magic of the mockumentary that looked at how various relationships unfolded in show business during the actual "pilot season," starring Sam Seder, Sarah Silverman, H. Jon Benjamin, Isla Fisher, David Cross and Andy Dick, among others. New episodes will appear on Mondays via My Damn Channel. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman: America's potty-mouthed adorable pixie - The Age Interview
Silverman doesn't say the things we're all thinking; she says the things we're not sick enough to think. "I want to get an abortion … but my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving." "I was raped by a doctor … which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl." [Read More]
Four-year-old Sarah Silverman show gets Web distro
You want to see a show starring Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, David Cross and other stellar comedic talents that barely saw the light of day on television, which is what it was created for four years ago? Google it. Or just stay right here. It turns out My Damn Channel has ordered up a web distribution deal wherein the show, Pilot Season will be unleashed on the masses (or at least those comedy nerds nerdy enough to want to check out said show). [Read More]
Gay TV channel saving "The Sarah Silverman Program"
"The Sarah Silverman Program" will be back for a third season on Comedy Central, following the resolution of four-day day standoff over planned budget cuts. CC has ordered a 10-episode season of its signature live-action series, which will now be co-financed with gay-oriented sister cable network Logo. [Read More]
Q&A: Sarah Silverman | The Guardian
Sarah Silverman, 38, was born in New Hampshire. After a short-lived and unsuccessful stint as a writer on Saturday Night Live, she was taken on by The Larry Sanders Show. She went on to make Jesus Is Magic, a movie based on her controversial stand-up shows, and her own TV series, The Sarah Silverman Program. Last year, her video, I'm Fucking Matt Damon, became an internet sensation and earned her an Emmy. She lives in Los Angeles. [Read More]
Unofficial word on the Sarah Silverman Program: There will be a season 3
Via Twitter, comedian Steve Agee — he plays "Steve," Brian Posehn's ("Brian") boyfriend on the show — announced (but disclaimed that this is not an official statement) at about 8:30 pm EST the following: "i was just told by director and co-creator that we WILL have a season 3! Ten episodes. Writing starts soon." [Read More]
Rebellion on Sarah Silverman set
The economic downturn is jeopardizing "The Sarah Silverman Program," one of Comedy Central's signature series. The show's creators -- Silverman, Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab -- have threatened to quit after the cable network told them the budget for their series would be slashed by more than 20%. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman's Music Is Poo (CHARTattack Interview)
Finally, someone covering the music industry acknowledges that even goofy comedy songs about poop beat most crappy serious music. "Sarah Silverman's joke songs are better than three-quarters of the shitty "serious" artists we cover in this magazine. So we asked her a bunch of questions about poop." [Read More]
Steve Carell and David Steinberg Making a Documentary About Comedy
Steve Carell and David Steinberg are working on a documentary chronicling the evolution of comedy over the past 60 years. So far, they've talked to "veterans Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Lily Tomlin, Don Rickles, and Carol Burnett, trendsetters Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Judd Apatow and Robin Williams, more recent stars Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Jane Lynch, and Tina Fey [Read More]