Will Ferrell's Broadway Bush Show Generates Budget Surplus
Will Ferrell's You're Welcome America is raking in the bucks. There's also considerable Tony and Emmy buzz, because unlike the Oscars, Broadway and the music industry have fewer pretensions about rewarding financial success. [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me Extends Off-Broadway
Mike Birbiglia's solo show Sleepwalk With Me will extend for two months, though March 2009, at off-Broadway's Bleecker Street Theatre. The comedy, which opened on November 11, had previously been scheduled to run through January 18, directed by Seth Barrish. [Read More]
HBO to air Will Ferrell's 'Bush' Broadway show
HBO will air a live telecast in the spring of Will Ferrell's Broadway show "You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush." [Read More]
Contest: Win a free pair of tickets to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in "Long Story Short"!
Would you like to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in his latest one-man show, "Long Story Short"? Would you like to see that show for free? Well, you may be in luck. [Read More]
Will Ferrell's President Bush Is Spot On Comedy - The Improper review
See You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush as a way to lament all of the former president's most entertaining moments: his reading about ducks to young students as his country was attacked by terrorists; his reaction to having shoes thrown at him and his multiple problems with the "complexity" of the English language. [Read More]
Will Ferrell promises surprises in Bush special
Will Ferrell says his upcoming Broadway show "You're Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush" will show the departing president using this opportunity "to set the record straight" about his tenure. "Some people will think the show is too harsh, some will think it isn't harsh enough, but people should expect the unexpected," Ferrell says. "People will be surprised by some of the twists and turns." [Read More]
Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short" Extends Run through Feb. 5 | NY Times
“Long Story Short,” the comedian Colin Quinn’s satirical history of the world, directed by Jerry Seinfeld, has been extended. The show began previews on Oct. 22, opened on Nov. 9, and was originally scheduled to close on Jan. 8. It will now run at the Helen Hayes Theater through Feb. 5. [Read More]
We attended Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short" (review) | Shecky Magazine
"Quinn didn’t have to change his style to suit the venue. He still uses the rapid-fire delivery, the sarcasm, the throwaway lines, the swearing (strategically placed F-words)– it’s standup comedy and lots of it, and not some sort of actorly exercise. Quinn doesn’t work up any tears or try to evoke any kind of moments fraught with meaning or try to deliver any heavy messages. At one point, he even busted a couple for coming in late! It’s an hour and fifteen of standup in a fancy setting. " [Read More]
Dane Cook heading to Broadway
Dane Cook is joining the ranks of other top-name comedians heading to Broadway. Producers today announced that Cook will co-star in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig, planned to debut this coming spring. The play centers around a young guy who strikes up a... [Read More]