Bea Arthur's Memories Of Stage And Screen | NPR: Fresh Air interview
Fresh Air host Terry Gross remembers Bea Arthur, the star of Broadway's Mame and TV's Maude, who died April 26, with excerpts from a 2007 interview. [Read More]
Ralphie May - Mr. Media Interview / BlogTalkRadio
Ralphie May is one of the most popular comedians in the country. Since his debut on season one of "Last Comic Standing," audiences can't get enough of the larger than life comedian. He recently filmed a new DVD and 90-minute special for Comedy Central in his home state of Texas to a sold-out crowd. Recorded live at the Paramount Theater, the new release titled "Austin-Tatious" is the first recording since the birth of his daughter, April June May. This mark's his fourth recording in just a few s... [Read More]
Judah Friedlander: World Champion, 30 Rock Star, Author of How To Beat Up Anybody: Interview on The Sound of Young America Live at WNYC | Maximum Fun
Judah Friedlander is a regular on NBC's 30 Rock and the author of How To Beat Up Anybody. He is the World Champion. Judah joined TSOYA on the live show at WNYC to discuss the differences between a Yeti, a Sasquatch and a Bigfoot (and how to beat up all three). He also delineated his strategies for fighting groups of people and even groups of strippers. [Read More]
Making Comedy Relatable - Michael Hartney's "So I LIke Superman" | The Comedy Nerds
On this week’s episode we are joined by Michael Hartney, creator of the hilarious one man show “So I Like Superman”. The show is about certain incidents that happened to Michael in his life. So how do you take something personal and make it universal enough that other people can understand it, while still having it be personal? [Read More]
Podcast: Chris Franjola from Chelsea Lately | Live Comedy L.A.
You know Chris Franjola from the "Chelsea Lately" show. He is a writer and a regular on the Round Table segment. He has had interesting career path. It's not the feast or famine lifestyle that most comics lead. At the core, he seems to have used his strength in writing to build a foundation for success. And now he has caught a train on the very successful "Chelsea Lately" show on E! Listen to more about what Chris has to say about comedy and his experiences on "Chelsea Lately". [Read More]
Dana Gould, standup comic and writer - The Sound of Young America Interview
Dana Gould is a comedian who's widely credited as one of the fathers of "alternative" comedy. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he helped bring comedy out of the funk of the "Evening at the Improv" scene and into the thriving world of alternative culture. He was also a writer and producer on the Simpsons for six years, among his other writing credits. His new special, Let Me Put My Thoughts In You, is now available on CD and DVD. [Read More]
free download - John Heffron: The Better Half
John Heffron's website is currently offering his latest cd, "The Better Half" as a free download. [Read More]
'Black Thoughts' With Comedian Larry Wilmore - NPR Interview
As senior black correspondent for The Daily Show, Larry Wilmore's used to being politically incorrect for the sake of humor. NPR's Talk of The Nation has an audio interview and an excerpt from Wilmore's new book, 'I'd Rather We Got Casinos.' [Read More]
aries spears - blogtalkradio interview
Actor, comedian and sometimes rapper Aries Spears joins us! We will talk about what he's been up to, his time on Mad TV and his rapping that has caught him quite the following! [Read More]
Andy Kindler: "I Wish I Was Bitter" w/audio clip from SF Sketchfest
Andy can be seen regularly as a correspondent on The Late Show With David Letterman and in the next few weeks will be releasing a new DVD entitled, "I Wish I Was Bitter". He will also be appearing at SXSW 2009- the details of which we will reveal at a later date. PopRockCandyMountain recently spoke with Andy about his appearance at SF Sketchfest and his upcoming DVD release. [Read More]