Norwegian comic Hans Morten Hansen attempts stand-up record to kick off the Oslo Comedy Festival
A Norwegian comedian is to attempt to beat the record for the longest solo stand-up show, which currently stands at 38hrs and six minutes. Hans Morten Hansen will embark on the challenge next Wednesday, to kick off the Oslo Comedy Festival. The record is currently held by Australian Lindsay Webb, who beat Tommy Tiernan’s previous 36hr 15 min record in October last year.. [Read More]
John Belushi film in the works from The Hangover director Todd Philips
A new film about wild comic John Belushi is in the works, developed by The Hangover director Todd Philips. Warner Bros acquired rights to the comedian’s life story from his estate, so the final script – by The Pursuit of Happyness screenwriter Steven Conrad – is likely to be more sympathetic than the 1989 biopic Wired. That earlier film was based on Bob Woodward's biography of the same name and publicly boycotted by Belushi’s friends and family. In contrast, Belushi’s widow, Judith will be an ex... [Read More]
BBC opens its comedy college again
The BBC has announced that it will run its College of Comedy for up-and-coming writers for a second year. Under the scheme, a handful of promising writers attend a workshop, receive mentoring from established writers then spend time working on an existing BBC comedy. [Read More]
Polly speaks! Booth to break her silence over Fawlty Towers
Connie Booth is to break her silence to talk about Fawlty Towers for the first time in more than 20 years. Booth co-wrote the sitcom with John Cleese and starred as chambermaid Polly - but has until now refused to talk about her part in the sitcom. She retired from acting a decade ago and is now a psychotherapist in North London. [Read More]
Fab to be back, darling: Lumley and Saunders discuss their sitcom's return
Five years after downing their last Bolly, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone are back for another run of Absolutely Fabulous - but the new series proved a little more difficult to write than the last. [Read More]
Sacha Baron Cohen tricks US National Guard
Sacha Baron Cohen has been up to his old tricks - conning the Alabama National Guard into letting him train. The comic tricked his way into the state's military academy by saying he was affiliated to a German TV station making a documentary into life as an officer. They allowed him on base and let him change into military uniform - exposing his thong when doing so - before one of the younger cadets recognized him and alerted senior officers. [Read More]
Spinal Tap to record new material
Spinal Tap are to record their first new material in nearly 20 years. The spoof heavy metal band's last album, Break Like The Wind, was released in 1992, eight years after they formed for the classic mockumenatary film. But since re-forming for Live Earth in 2007, actors Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest have decided to record some new tracks. [Read More]
Russell Brand's "Barbie doll" video scandal
A bizarre film has emerged on the internet of Russell Brand ramming a Barbie doll up his backside. The footage was shot during a stand-up gig early in Brand's career, when his performances were frequently affected by his drug addiction. [Read More]
Stranded 3ft 6in comic Tanyalee Davis launches transportation campaign
Stand-up Tanyalee Davis has launched a one-woman campaign to overturn a ban on mobility scooters on trains and buses after repeatedly being left stranded late at night by jobsworth transport workers. The American comic, who has a form of dwarfism, is 3ft 6in tall and uses the scooter to get from gig to gig. And although her career has taken her all over the world, she says: ‘I have never more disabled than in the UK.’ [Read More]
Stand-up David Whitney was arrested for allegedly headbutting a heckler at the Edinburgh Fringe
Stand-up David Whitney was arrested in the early hours of today for allegedly headbutting a heckler at the Edinburgh Fringe. Police were called to The Canons Gait pub on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, part of the PBH Free Fringe, after 31-year-old Whitney got into an altercation with the punter. Witnesses in the 100-strong audience said the victim was left bleeding after the incident, which came after he protested he had intended his interjections to be "helpful." [Read More]