Maria Bamford - Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome | The Serious Comedy Site review
Maria Bamford has more voices than Mel Blanc and hears even more than an echo. Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome, her third stand-up comedy CD shows she can be quite original and about as eclectic and surreal as Jonathan Winters. If you can follow the bouncing ball, it is not that easy, Bamford can really blow you away. This Comedy Central release also comes with a bonus DVD featuring The Maria Bamford Show as seen on the net. [Read More]
Keith Alberstadt - It s Pronounced Jenkins (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
"Keith Alberstadt - 'It's Pronounced Jenkins' is as solid a stand-up comedy CD as they get. He has a very varied set and his biographical and observational material is original but easily connects with the audience. It s pronounced Jenkins is a mostly clean set with adult topics. This is a comedy CD you will enjoy time and again." [Read More]
Bill Burr - Let It Go - dvd review / give-away | The Serious Comedy Site
Bill Burr Let It Go is an absolutely great stand-up comedy DVD. There is not a single lull in this 65-minute performance. Burr is a high energy comic whose rants are as funny as they are accurate and original. We are giving away 2 copies of this comedy DVD and you owe it to yourself to enter our most difficult award process which is to send us your name. [Read More]
Anthony Jeselnik - Shakespeare (album review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Shakespeare, the download only stand-up comedy MP3 album by Anthony Jeselnik, is going to make our top ten comedy list for 2010 but only reluctantly. The reluctance comes from the fact the last thing this comic needs is someone telling him how good his material is. Jeselnik is quite willing to point that out himself a few times on this Comedy Central Records release. He is not wrong, but it is annoying. [Read More]
Hannibal Buress - My Name is Hannibal (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Hannibal Buress was just named one of Variety's Top 10 Comics to watch out for. His first stand-up comedy CD My Name is Hannibal shows why. Buress is a smart, polyvalent stand-up comic with a style all his own. This comedy CD is going to make you laugh for a long time to come. [Read More]
Bubbling With Laughter - Just For Laughs Montreal July 13th 2010 | The Serious Comedy Site
Bubbling With Laughter is always a good Just For Laughs ticket and tonight's show was no exception. In fact it was the most solid and consistent Bubbling With Laughter I have seen. This not just because MC Tom Papa bought me a drink. [Read More]
Britcom (review) - Just For Laughs Montreal 2010 | The Serious Comedy Site
Britcom is funny this year. Montreal Just For Laughs has always had a Britcom show where the comics from the other side of the pond are featured in a buffet style event. [Read More]
John Leguizamo Klass Klown (review) - Montreal Just for Laughs 2010
John Leguizamo takes us on a tour of his life, from his childhood, his first marriage, his bit parts in movies, right through to present day. A troubled life that could have been déjà-vu but that ends up being fresh and memorable. The characters he inhabits throughout his show from his father to Al Pacino are fascinating. We relish in the insider's account of movie stars and directors that we know from the big screen. [Read More]
Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival - Overview | The Serious Comedy Site
Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival runs July 12th to 18th, with other shows starting July 6th.. here's an overview. [Read More]
Satiristas! Photographs by Dan Dion - Interviews by Paul Provenza (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Superb book, stupid ass title. Satiristas combines Dan Dion's comedian photographs and interviews with many of the same satire comics and artists by Paul Provenza. A Dan Dion photograph is almost the same thing as listening to the comic. In some cases like the Lewis Black or Chris Rock picture it is the same thing. Provenza, of Aristocrats fame, delivers the most intelligent interviews with comics I have read; the comics and satirists actually say something. [Read More]