SNL #36.3 RECAP: Host Jane Lynch, musical guest Bruno Mars
Some people like to analyze Saturday Night Live so much that they forget that, for casual viewers young and old, it's just an entertaining way to wrap up a Saturday night at home in front of the television. [Read More]
Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2010: Russell Kane, Roisin Conaty, Bo Burnham walk away winners
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe just announced its winners of the top prizes for 2010, aka the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and Russell Kane took home the top prize for best show for "Smokescreens and Castles." Roisin Conaty won best newcomer hon... [Read More]
Stop dancing, Ted Danson! Enjoy this preview of season two of HBO's "Bored to Death"
Would you like to see what happens when the Bored to Death characters played by Ted Danson, Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis end up in a police lineup?Well, here you go, then! Season two of the series debuts on HBO on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010. T... [Read More]
Pete & Brian's "FCU: Fact Checkers Unit" becomes an NBC Web series
Hey, remember three years ago when Pete Karinen and Brian Sacca, aka Pete & Brian, debuted a nine-minute short casting themselves as magazine fact checkers who paid Bill Murray a visit, and then talked to me about it? In September 2007, Pete tol... [Read More]
Tom Green's post-Apocalyptic footage at Gathering of the Juggalos includes Tila Tequila and Gallagher
Remember the end of Woodstock 1999? That seems to be the starting point for the Gathering of the Juggalos, the now-infamous annual party in the woods by the fans of Insane Clown Posse. Before, all I could imagine was what Joe DeRosa would describe in... [Read More]
Discovering a TV star: How Funny or Die found Chris Gethard for Comedy Central
Big Lake debuts a week from tonight on Comedy Central, and the guys producing the show from Gary Sanchez Productions (aka the guys who run Funny or Die) decided to reveal the backstory on how they found Chris Gethard to star in the sitcom. [Read More]
Finding the Americans amid the 876 comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010
How many shows is too many different shows for one city in one month? I don't know the exact number, and neither do you (or do you?), but the Edinburgh Fringe kicked off its 2010 tonight with a s... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing executive producer Peter Engel provides "Words of Wisdom" before season 7 finale
With his tongue figuratively and firmly planted in cheek, executive producer Peter Engel has released several short "words of wisdom" remarks before the seventh-season finale of Last Comic Standing.. [Read More]
Danny Jolles on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Danny Jolles made his network and late-night comedy debuts on Friday night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Jolles wanted to make a case for bros. Beer. Sports. Chicks. BROS! “Bros are the dogs of humans.” Let him explain. If you buy into that, then you’ll also want to hear ... [Read More]
Comedy Central sets July dates for Roast of Bruce Willis with JGL as Celebrity Roastmaster
The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis is a go! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who co-starred with Willis as a younger version of him in Looper, will serve as the celebrity Roastmaster for the event, which tapes July 14 in Los Angeles, and will premiere on Sunday, July 29, 2018, on Comedy Central. Of cours... [Read More]