John Hodgman Filming Talk Show Pilot for HBO, World Rejoices | Splitsider
The beloved author, comical spokesperson and Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman is shooting a pilot for HBO in New York a week from tomorrow. It will be titled Good Evening, My Name Is John Hodgman. To be shot and directed by Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs, it will be a talk/variety show, and it sounds wonderful. [Read More]
The Writer’s Room: A Conversation with SNL Writer John Mulaney | Splitsider
"Well with comedy in general, start doing it non-professionally for an audience. If I had known before I was twenty that you could just go to open mics or start your own comedy show at a bar, I would have done it earlier. Start a sketch show, write things. You have to do it to do it. And you can’t do it in a bubble. You have to do it for some audience, be it the editor of a magazine you send a piece to, or the audience at a tiny theater where you organize some sketch show. (pause) Or the much be... [Read More]
Is the New Comedy Central Logo Bad, or Do You Just Hate Change?
by Adam Frucci A professional in the worlds of branding and corporate identity takes a look at the new Comedy Central logo: "The two basic complaints are that a) it’s boring and b) it looks like the copyright symbol. Both complaints are typical knee-jerk reactions that are very undeserved for a... [Read More]
Chris Elliott's Lost Gems: Action Family & FDR: A One Man Show | SplitSider
From his appearances on Late Night with David Letterman to his cult hit Get a Life to these two incredible and criminally obscure Cinemax specials, Chris Elliott is an unlikeable cad. It's just a matter of whether or not you're in on the joke to actually believe it. [Read More]
Christmas Is Coming to NBC Tonight on Community, 30 Rock, and The Office
Tonight should be a fun one at NBC: there are three Christmas specials airing in a row, including an hour-long Office directed by Rainn Wilson and written by Mindy Kaling. There will be no Outsourced Christmas special, presumably because they couldn't find a way to do a Christmas... [Read More]
Chris Gethard's Insane Cross-Country Comedy Road Show Update
Chris Gethard's fundraising drive to pay for a gonzo trek across the country, from New York to LA, making insane videos along the way, has been a raging success. With two weeks left to go, he's already raised over $10,000. But he's not stopping there; he's looking... [Read More]
Seth Meyers to Host White House Correspondent's Association Dinner
Weekend Update host Seth Meyers has been chosen to host the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner, a yearly even where a comedian gets up in front of the president and the Washington press corps and roasts the president with varying degrees of harshness. [Read More]
A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts: You Look Nice Today
The overriding style that You Look Nice Today has perfected could be described as Deadpan Conversational Improv. The hosts will start in on a topic in a completely serious way, and end up going off on extended surreal tangents without ever changing their tone at all. A discussion about raising awareness for various causes leads to a convincing case for how ‘mouth breathers’ are the most unfairly maligned of all groups. Eventually the population has been divided into Noseys and Moutheys, with hea... [Read More]
Looking Back at Rowan & Martin | SplitSider
This week I'm taking a look at another show which predates modern sketch comedy in a number of ways but nonetheless serves an important step in the development of the craft. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In featured numerous stars that would later go on to grater success,... [Read More]