Bill Cosby, Pittsburgh Performance: Review by Terry Jones
Well as you know I recently released a video on my B-day called "Jello Puddin" I took on the form of one of the best ever. That's right I became Bill Cosby and paid homage to The King. I saw Cosby was coming to town, and got so excited!!!!! But I didn't didn't think I would be able to go, my b-day s... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert's Congressional testimony may have been a joke, but watch his report on migrant workers | The Comic's Comic
Certainly more than a few people scratched their heads or worse today when they turned on the TV and saw that not only was Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress, but that he was doing so in character. Who's idea was this, anyway? [Read More]
Garry Shandling, Murphy Brown, Cloris Leachman, Airplane! and more! At the 10th annual SF Sketchfest
Among the big highlights are panels toasting: Airplane!, with Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker & Robert Hays; The 25th anniversary of It's Garry Shandling's Show with Shandling & Alan Zweibel; Murphy Brown with Candice Bergen & Diane English; SNL'ers Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman & Tom Davis; Cloris Leachman; Brian Henson & Neil Patrick Harris on the Muppets. [Read More]
Appreciating Will Forte, SNL's missing ingredient
When people say that something isn't quite right about this season of Saturday Night Live, whether or not they know it, they're saying that they miss Will Forte. While it's true that Forte was far from the only member of the cast and ... [Read More]
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno knowingly ripped off VH1 bloggers with Taylor Swift video montage
There's parallel thinking, and then there's the time a TV show asks you for permission to use your work, and then does so without credit. That's apparently what happened last night to VH1 bloggers Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer, no than... [Read More]
The Skydiving Stand-up Comic: BRAD RYAN
If you've never seen this - this is something to see.Pittsburgh native, BRAD RYAN, is an avid skydiver & a stand-up comedian - why not put them together? Check out his 8TH installment - yea - he's done the stand-up/skydiving thing 8 times BUT he has made almost 300 jumps. Check out his other e... [Read More]
Contest: Win a free pair of tickets to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in "Long Story Short"!
Would you like to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in his latest one-man show, "Long Story Short"? Would you like to see that show for free? Well, you may be in luck. [Read More]
Bruce Baum calls out Jerry Seinfeld with video proving his co-authorship over Ted L. Nancy's books
You may recall in late September that Jerry Seinfeld went on TV and revealed that the author of the Ted L. Nancy books was Barry Marder. Bruce Baum certainly recalled that moment, because he claims that he co-authored all of the books with Marder, an... [Read More]
RIP: Greg Giraldo, 1965-2010
With a heavy heart, the sad and shocking news is true: Greg Giraldo died Wednesday at the age of 44. Giraldo had been hospitalized since Saturday evening in New Jersey after an accidental overdose of prescription medication -- he was halfway through ... [Read More]
Dead-Frog tracks The Comedy Week in North America
Dead-Frog comedy blogger Todd Jackson may not be blogging as much, but that's because he has been tinkering in his online workshop, and he has figured out how to track stand-up comedy headliners across North America, week by week, in case you're ever wondering when the comedian you like will be performing in a city near you. It's called The Comedy Week. [Read More]