Image of 10 Things We Learned From James Franco's 'SNL' Doc
10 Things We Learned From James Franco's 'SNL' Doc
From Bill Hader's impersonations to John Malkovich singing jingles, here are the takeaways from James Franco's 'Saturday Night Live' doc. [Read More]
Check Out Sarah Silverman's 'SNL' Promos with Taran Killam
by Megh Wright Former SNL writer and featured player Sarah Silverman is returning to the show to host for the first time this weekend, and here's the very first promo, in which she promises to bring back some of her many classic characters like Captain Irishhands and everyone's favorite, Table Girl.... [Read More]
Michael Che talks ‘Daily Show,’ SNL on Late Night with Seth Meyers”
Michael Che returned to Late Night for his second time last night. Che was actually the first stand-up to perform on Late Night under Seth Meyer’s rule. Che has been very busy inbetween then. Che to his old boss about writing for SNL, his summer spent on The Daily Show, and his new gig as [&he... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live’s season 40 premiere was a disappointment so it can only get better, right?
One of the most difficult forms of comedy to execute well is live sketch. I think even the most casual comedy consumers can agree on this. When you see live sketch comedy at a theater done well, it’s magical. When it’s bad, it’s not just bad– it’s excruciating to watch.... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: A New Hope with Chris Pratt
by Erik Voss The seasons have certainly changed at Saturday Night Live. The show's 40th season began with an episode that hardly resembled a season premiere, with little pomp or circumstance over SNL's impressive four-decade lifespan, and in its place a straightforward night of comedy... [Read More]
SNL #40.1 RECAP: Host Chris Pratt, musical guest Ariana Grande
The 40th anniversary season of Saturday Night Live kicked off with the luxury of having the summer's hottest movie star coming from within NBC's ranks to host in Chris Pratt, a new Weekend Update co-anchor coming back from within SNL's own writing ranks, and the hottest young pop singer as its music... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live season 40 premiere live blog: Chris Pratt hosts, Ariana Grande sings
After weeks of announced personnel changes, anticipation and predictions, the historic 40th season of Saturday Night Live is finally upon us. And comedy fans, myself included, is expecting a lot from SNL this year. I can’t remember a time in my entire life when so many horribly tragic and dist... [Read More]
Image of How Saturday Night Live Became the Most Successful Comedy Show Ever
How Saturday Night Live Became the Most Successful Comedy Show Ever
SNL is broadcast in more than 200 countries and films starring its cast members have brought in more than $66.5 billion at the box office [Read More]
Bill Hader Explains Why He Turned Down a Stefon Movie
by Megh Wright "There had been talk about a Stefon movie. It was a very cordial thing of Lorne Michaels coming to me and [then-SNL writer] John Mulaney and saying 'Paramount is asking about this. What do you guys think?' He pretty much just left it up to us. 'You are the guys who are gonna have to w... [Read More]
Andy Samberg talks about rejected SNL characters on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’
Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, Andy Samberg, visited his old pal Seth Meyers on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Of course, the subject naturally turned to their former job, working on SNL. Samberg talks about one of the worst sketches he ever pitched that was, rightfully, rejected by Lorne... [Read More]