Jonah Ray Heads to Boston in the First Episode of ‘Hidden America’
Today’s a big day for early series premieres — first IFC uploaded the season 5 Comedy Bang! Bang! premiere a week early, and now Seeso has released the first episode of Jonah Ray’s travel show parody Hidden America ahead of its debut next Thursday. In the first episode, Ray heads t... [Read More]
Watch the Season 5 ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Premiere a Week Early
Comedy Bang! Bang! returns with a new season next Friday, but today IFC released the entire premiere on YouTube. The episode features new bandleader Weird Al, Kevin Bacon, a bunch of special guests, and a pot of gold that’s a very bad influence on Scott Aukerman. Thankfully after the premiere ... [Read More]
25 Years Later: Was ‘Herman’s Head’ Any Good?
Before 1989 there were three big television networks and none of them were Fox. Then came The Simpsons and by gum, that put them on the map. Then came Cops, America’s Most Wanted, Beverly Hills 90210, and then suddenly people talked about the Big Four television networks. But with every succes... [Read More]
Now “Coming to the Stage,” Meet Mr. Microphone
As Comedy Dynamics first stand-up showcase series, Coming To The Stage, has entered its third season of half-hour stand-up showcases on Hulu, the comedy production house has decided to launch a spin-off series of scripted interstitial moments for its mascot character, Mr. Microphone. “Like a f... [Read More]
Aaron Berg delivers “Unscripted Live from the Comedy Inn Miami”
Comedy Records is proud to announce a brand new release from Aaron Berg, Unscripted Live From The Comedy Inn Miami. As the title suggests, the LP was recorded at Miami’s premiere comedy venue, The Comedy Inn and features Berg delivering a full set of unrelenting and unscripted crowd work. Aaro... [Read More]
Get Lost in 1-855-LADYFUN, a Massive and Bizarre Customer Service Line Parody
Most sane human beings will do everything in their power to stay away from the agony of endless robotic customer service calls, but for writer Joe Veix, that agony is the driving force behind his new project 1-855-LADYFUN, a real number you can call that Veix describes as “a massive audio choo... [Read More]
Erika Paget (@staypopular) on Insular Neuroticism and Tweeting for Herself
Erika Paget: Gallery Manager for the Museum of Broken Relationships, emotional writer, and city witch. Actual artist merit can be found at her website. This week Paget shared three of her favorite tweets with me and expanded on them. We talked about writing feelings, her ideal Twitter audience, and ... [Read More]
Michelle Wolf Offers Hillary Clinton Advice on Being an Unlikable but Effective Boss
In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s email controversy, Trevor Noah welcomed “Senior Clinton Campaign Analyst” Michelle Wolf to last night’s Daily Show to give the Democratic presidential hopeful some advice on whether or not she should even worry about her likability among voter... [Read More]
This Newly Unearthed Phil Hartman Recording for a Fan Is Incredibly Bittersweet
Tomorrow marks 18 years since the tragic death of legendary SNL alum and actor Phil Hartman, and to honor his memory, a fan named Dave Nelson has shared a very special, never-before-heard recording that’s just another example of what made Hartman a wonderful guy. Here’s what Mike Scott, ... [Read More]
Hopefully Sarah Silverman Wins an Award for Her New Film ‘Under Oath’
Here’s a clip from Sarah Silverman’s appearance on last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers debuted the trailer for her new and very prestigious film Under Oath. While you watch the trailer, you might notice a pattern emerge among all of the film’s stars except Silverman, b... [Read More]