Girl Wears Wrong Shoes To High School Graduation! Video Of Her Long Fall In Heels Goes Viral
A senior at Mansfield High School in Lousiana learned the hard way that she wore the wrong shoes to graduation. The girl took an epic fall in her heels after receiving her diploma, and the video is quickly going viral. The video begins with the unidentified graduate strutting down the high school tr... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress Gets Yondr To Block Cell Phones At Latest Show
When it comes to seeing his jokes become the basis of a viral phenomenon, comedian Hannibal Buress is nothing short of a reluctant expert. In the fall of 2014, Buress’ comedy set on Bill Cosby’s rape allegations hit the internet after an audience member recorded it on their cell phone. T... [Read More]
The Mindy Project Lives On! Hulu Picks Up Cancelled Series for Season 4
Rejoice, Mindy Kaling fans! Hulu announced today that it has ordered 26 new episodes of her critically acclaimed series The Mindy Project, greenlighting a fourth season and saving it from cancellation. The sitcom will join Hulu’s “Original Programming” slate and after its premiere,... [Read More]
Louis C.K. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue Offensive? Watch ‘SNL’ Video On ‘Mild Racism’ And Child Molestation
Was Louis C.K.’s Saturday Night Live monologue offensive? The comedian’s jokes about racism and child molestation created a stir on social media. The SNL monologue was controversial from the start. Louis C.K. started out noting that he grew up in the 1970s, when racism was everywhere. So... [Read More]
Samantha Bee is “female as f-ck” in TBS promo (Video)
Samantha Bee has only been gone from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show for two weeks and she’s already back on the airwaves. TBS released a promo video for her upcoming untitled talk show where she will apply “her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues.&rdqu... [Read More]
‘Saturday Night Live’ Draw Muhammad Sketch Plagiarized? ‘SNL’ Accused Of Stealing ‘Picture Perfect’ Skit From Canada’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’
Did Saturday Night Live plagiarize its “Picture Perfect” sketch from a Canadian satire series? The much-discussed SNL skit about drawing Muhammad is strikingly similar to one that appeared on This Hour Has 22 Minutes in January. “Picture Perfect” starred Taran Killam as ... [Read More]
Kanye West’s Smile With Scottie Pippen At Chicago Bulls Game Turns To A Scowl When Rapper Realizes He’s On Camera; Watch The Hilarious Vine Video!
Kanye West is known for his refusal to smile in pictures. So when he was caught laughing on camera at a basketball game this weekend, it was a rare sight. But it didn’t last very long. West’s grin quickly turned upside down once he realized he was being watched, as the rapper refuses to ... [Read More]
Every Episode Of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ Is Now Available Online For Free; Where To Watch Classic Moments With Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie And Ryan Stiles
Every Whose Line Is It Anyway episode is now available online! So cancel all your plans for the next month and head over to CW Seed to find who really did earn the most points over the series’ 11 American seasons. That’s right, you can now watch hours of Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and W... [Read More]
Amy Schumer’s 12 Angry Men parody is brilliant (Video)
Peabody Award recipient Amy Schumer struck back at her haters with a brilliant piece on her Comedy Central sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer spent all of Tuesday night’s episode parodying the award-winning film 12 Angry Men, where the 12 jurors debate if she is hot enough to ... [Read More]
Comedy saved me at my lowest point: Project UROK founder Jenny Jaffe helps teens deal with depression, suicidal thoughts
Comedian Jenny Jaffe’s childhood was anything but comical. During her high school years, she was diagnosed with a multitude of mental illnesses, which included her having extreme anxiety, OCD and suicidal thoughts. “It wasn’t something I talked to really anybody in my lif... [Read More]