Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure premieres Oct. 18 on Comedy Central
Most comedians are tortured artists and there are few more tortured than Artie Lange. The 46-year-old veteran comic, former Howard Stern Show star and two-time best selling author has been to hell. But he’s come back, albeit scathed both physically and psychologically, over the last few years.... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais releases David Brent demo song ‘Slough’ and it’s excellent (Audio)
It’s been more than 10 years since BBC2 aired the last original episode of The Office. But Ricky Gervais’ character of David Brent, the bumbling manager of the Wernham Hogg paper company has lived on. Fans of the original Gervais series know that Brent was also a wannabe musician. And we... [Read More]
My Pod Week: Week ending 9/28/14, live from the LA PodFest!
Mike Flinn (@realmikeflinn) isn't just a podcast producer and engineer; he's also an avid fan of the form. "My Pod Week" recaps and reviews the many varied comedy podcasts Flinn listened to or attended live tapings of during the previous week. Enjoy! This past weekend, Flinn took in the Los Angeles ... [Read More]
Watch Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Make Fun Of Reporter Who Didn’t See ‘Skeleton Twins’ In Hilarious Interview (VIDEO)
Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader have done plenty of interviews promoting their new film, The Skeleton Twins, about a pair of estranged siblings who reunite after they both try to commit suicide. But they definitely didn’t have one like their televised sit-down with Denver  reporter Chris Pare... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live season 40 premiere live blog: Chris Pratt hosts, Ariana Grande sings
After weeks of announced personnel changes, anticipation and predictions, the historic 40th season of Saturday Night Live is finally upon us. And comedy fans, myself included, is expecting a lot from SNL this year. I can’t remember a time in my entire life when so many horribly tragic and dist... [Read More]
Letterman regular Tommy Johnagin snags CBS pilot deal
Comedian Tommy Johnagin has landed one of the early exciting pilot orders from CBS. Johnagin has sold a half-hour comedy pilot for a multi-camera show based on his life as a stand-up comic raising a family in a small Midwest town. Johnagin is a regular guest on Late Show with David Letterman (he&rsq... [Read More]
Kate Mara, Ellen Page spoof True Detective in hilarious Funny Or Die trailer (Video)
Like Orange is the New Black, Scandal, Game of Thrones and a few others, True Detective is show that people lose their minds over. To be fair, the HBO drama is stellar and we get why people loved first season performances from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. So it makes sense that for weeks... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan talks ‘Food: A Love Story’ with David Letterman, explains hatred for fish (Video)
Since Jim Gaffigan will unleash his second book upon the world in less than two months, the veteran comedian visited Late Show with David Letterman last night to drop some knowledge about food, the topic of said book. While Food: A Love Story won’t hit retailers until Oct. 21, Gaffigan gave vi... [Read More]
Ana Gasteyer apologizes to Martha Stewart on Late Night with Seth Meyers (Video)
Apologies generally mean more when made in a timely fashion, but there’s a reason people say “better late than never.” Ana Gasteyer, former Saturday Night Live cast member and burgeoning jazz singer, reunited with fellow SNL alumnus Seth Meyers on Late Night and issued a long overd... [Read More]
Bo Burnham’s ‘Repeat Stuff’ music video: hilarious commentary on pop music
Bo Burnham had one of the best comedy specials of 2013 with Bo Burnham: what. Combined with traditional stand-up and alternative meta gags, Burnham continued to deliver poignant and hilarious songs. One of those songs was “Repeat Stuff,” a commentary on the recording industry’s evi... [Read More]