Comedy Dynamics to premiere Coming to the Stage, series hosted by Dan Levy (Video)
For those of you out there who just can’t get enough of stand-up packaged into TV series form, there’s good news sliding down the story shoot for you. On May 6, production company Comedy Dynamics will debut Coming To The Stage, a new six-part series that will spotlight several up-and-com... [Read More]
Amy Schumer, John Oliver win Peabody Awards + Amy Schumer’s hilarious booty video!
Amy Schumer and John Oliver join fellow Comedy Central cohorts Jon Stewart and Key & Peele as Peabody Award Winners. The Peabody Awards are given annually for various media. “The single criteria for receiving a Peabody Award is excellence,” says its website. Unlike the Oscars or Emmy... [Read More]
Japanese karaoke game show Sing What Happens features women giving handjobs to contestants
Japan has a proud history of producing some of the most bizarre and disturbing reality programs and game shows on television. There’s a show called Troop of 100 wherein a group of 100 human beings run toward an unsuspecting stranger to scare him half to death. Then there’s the game show ... [Read More]
Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser comes to Crackle this summer (Trailer)
Fans of the cult hit Joe Dirt can get a taste of the upcoming sequel Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser today. released a trailer for the follow-up to David Spade’s 2001 box office bomb. Despite its measly $27 million gross in theaters, Joe Dirt grew an enormous fan base on DVD and cable.... [Read More]
Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi and Funny Or Die launch ‘Halal in the Family.’ Watch all four episodes now.
Family sitcoms of the 80′s followed a tried and true formula: an out of touch but well-meaning dad, the peacemaker mom, cool but combative teenage kids and a corny but catchy theme song that tied it all together. While the recipe for a successful comedy has long since evolved, some modern day ... [Read More]
Disney’s Frozen 2 ‘Animation Domination’ treatment is gruesome. Also, it’s hilarious (Video)
Commence the melting of our cold, dead, cynical hearts! Things were exciting enough when Disney first let it slip that there might be a sequel to Frozen, its hugely popular animated juggernaut. Exciting, if not terribly surprising: the film has since become the highest grossing animated movie o... [Read More]
Luisa Omielan thigh gap video goes viral. Comedian gets 8 million views on Facebook!
British comedian Luisa Omielan is, like her hero Beyoncé, bold and unafraid. Unafraid of enjoying the shit out of a high-calorie dinner, unafraid of “upgrading” her self-esteem, and COMPLETELY unafraid of de-pantsing herself, onstage, on camera, right in the middle of the Melbourn... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman calls out comedy club owner Al Martin for gender pay discrimination, Martin responds (Video)
Sarah Silverman called out comedy club owner Al Martin on gender pay discrimination and the Broadway Comedy Club owner is not happy about it. Silverman went public about the gender pay gap in this country during a viral Levo League video on Monday as a part of their #Ask4More campaign. The 44-year-o... [Read More]
Russell Peters calls Trevor Noah a joke thief (Video)
For the time being it seemed Trevor Noah, the newly appointed host of The Daily Show, had survived the onslaught from the Twitter police, who mercilessly chided the South African comedian for jokes tweeted as far back as 2009, some of which were deemed sexist and racist. Now Trevor Noah is facing an... [Read More]
Watch Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Recreate ‘Step Brothers’ Scene On Instagram (VIDEO)
Kate Upton is more than just a pretty face. The model showed off her comedic chops by acting out a scene from the Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers alongside her boyfriend, MLB pitcher Justin Verlander. The lovebirds had some free time on Easter Sunday, especially with Verlander sidelined with a tric... [Read More]