Kevin James set to be king of television again
A newly retired police officer looks forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids only to discover he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets. Kevin’s retirement plans consist of chilling with his family and having epic adventures with fellow... [Read More]
Joe Mande announces his “Autumn Sixteen” tour
Comedian, actor, writer Joe Mande has announced his Autumn Sixteen Tour. “We here at MandeCorp are very happy to announce that Joe will be embarking on a nation-wide tour starting this October. A bunch of dates are booked already and more are still to come! It’s all very exciting! Yay&rd... [Read More]
Talking to Langan Kingsley (@ThisIsLangan) About Lies and Honesty on
Langan Kingsley has been doing comedy for one million years all over New York City. She has also made over 100 billion American dollars writing & acting in things on the world wide web, all of which can be viewed at the very professional domain of She is paid ... [Read More]
Matteo Lane on Late Night with Seth Meyers
How many stand-up comedians open their sets with operatic singing? Matteo Lane, that's who. Lane used his vocals to voice his sexuality to his father, as he jokes opening his set Thursday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers. As if you were still questioning him after hearing his voice. Which he als... [Read More]
Here’s the Trailer for ‘My Blind Brother’ Starring Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, and Adam Scott
Earlier this year, a new film starring Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, and Adam Scott called My Blind Brother premiered at SXSW, and the full trailer for the movie was released this week. Scott plays “a handsome man who gets all the women and is the perfect athlete–even though he’s blind,... [Read More]
Watch the trailer for “season 51” of Documentary Now!
IFC presents the new season of the groundbreaking Documentary Now!, the show that captures America’s thirst for learning. Documentary Now! lovingly parodies some of the world’s best-known documentaries. Starring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, each episode is shot in a different style of do... [Read More]
The Blunt Talk of Noah Gardenswartz
“It’s weird having a handler,” were Noah Gardenswartz’s first words as he was escorted into an empty hotel banquet room where Comedy Central’s production team had set me up for a day of interviews. Gardenswartz had just finished a photo shoot and was about 36 hours away... [Read More]
Behold this sneak peek of Noah Gardenswartz’ episode of “The Half Hour”
Noah Gardenswartz warns of the greatest danger one can encounter while on acid: a conversation with a smart child. His episode of The Half Hour premieres tonight at 12:00a/11:00c. Always relaxed on stage, Noah Gardenswartz has a wide range of material and a unique perspective on life. His well-craft... [Read More]