Russell Peters states he was just “pranking” Trevor Noah when he called him a joke thief
Remember back on Monday when Russell Brand called Trevor Noah a joke thief? Ya know, that time he went on a TV news show in another country and said that Noah not only stole some jokes, but he also stole the jokes from another comedian as well? Well, surprise ya’ll! It turns out Peters was [&h... [Read More]
Russell Peters on Trevor Noah, “he’s stolen material from me”
Well, this news to us. Russell Peters was at at taping of an interview segment with Channel NewsAsia, when the host Lin Xueling ased Peters his thoughts Trevor Noah taking over as host of The Daily Show, Peters didn’t have kind things to say about the young comedian. While Peters openly admitt... [Read More]
Trevor Noah Isn’t the Problem. You Are.
“We’re addicted to the rush of being offended… He [Noah] also neglected to take into account that Western culture as a whole has become an increasingly reactionary mob of self-centered narcissists who all have their own personal lines drawn in the sand. A comedian is fine unless h... [Read More]