Of course Jason Alexander is replacing Larry David on Broadway
Toupee or not toupee. That is the question. Whether or not you're surprised at the news that Jason Alexander will replace Larry David on Broadway this summer in David's play, Fish in the Dark -- you're not surprised, how could you be surprised, seriously, since Alexander's most famous role came play... [Read More]
'Fish in the Dark' is 'Seinfeld' on Stage and Vintage Larry David
by Daniel Kurland There's a moment in Fish in the Dark where Larry responds to a question about how grabbing a breast was and he answers with, "Pretty good. Prettayyyyy, prettayyyyy, prettayyyyy good.” The audience erupts into applause and you’re just like what is going on? This man has ... [Read More]
I Had To Follow That?!: Mark Normand auditions at the Comedy Cellar
New York City’s comedy club the Comedy Cellar is one of legend, the best of the best have appeared on its small stage. For many comedians, getting passed there represents a big milestone in their comedy career. We asked Mark Normand about the night he auditioned at the Cellar and he quickly re... [Read More]
60 Minutes profile of Larry David
Larry David starred in a fictional Broadway production as part of his HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he's really starring on Broadway for the first time this month in a play he wrote that's already a box-office smash, Fish in the Dark. And so, Charlie Rose got David to sit down -- but not sto... [Read More]