When Marc Maron Followed Up on Carlos Mencia’s ‘WTF’ Appearance, His Crimes Against Comedy Came Into Focus
Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. On his first visit to the Cat Ranch to be interviewed for WTF, comedy Anti-Christ Carlos Mencia did a halfway convincing impersonation of a non-deplorable human being. The controversial Mind of Me... [Read More]
The ‘WTF’/Carlos Mencia Saga Provided New Insight Into the Mind of One of Comedy’s Most Reviled Figures
Even today, it’s a little startling that someone like Carlos Mencia could become so intensely hated, even despised, for doing something as seemingly inconsequential as telling jokes. Then again, it wasn’t telling jokes that made Mencia arguably the biggest pariah in comedy, although he h... [Read More]