Kathy Griffin Naked ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video Hilarious! Aubrey Plaza, AJ McLean Help Nude 53-Year-Old Comedian
Kathy Griffin to make the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hilarious. The comedian stripped down naked while performing the charity endeavor on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday. In case you have somehow missed all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos over the last few weeks, the viral campaign calls for people to p... [Read More]
Eastern Michigan Football Concrete Wall Video … Eagles Try To Run On Field By Breaking Cinder Blocks With Sledgehammer, Fail Spectacularly
If Eastern Michigan’s pregame introduction is any indication, the Eagles are in for a long football season. For some reason, the squad thought it would be cool to run onto the field by destroying a concrete wall. But it went hilariously wrong. The Eagles opened up their se... [Read More]