Dave Chappelle Booed During Detroit Show! ‘Drunk’ Performance Video Has Fans Demanding Refund, But Was The Heckling Crowd Too Harsh?
Did Dave Chappelle deserve to be booed during his stand-up show in Detroit? New video shows the comedian facing an angry crowd after he appeared drunk and slurred his words during a Detroit stop on his comeback tour. Chappelle played two shows in Detroit’s Fillmore Theater last Thursday, and r... [Read More]
Jim Norton talks about being Contextually Inadequate, political correctness, and the future of the Opie and Anthony Show on The Laughspin Podcast (Audio)
Always engaging and never compromising, comedian Jim Norton doesn’t fear talking openly and honestly about what’s on his mind. By day, he is the co-host of the re-branded Opie Radio talk show (formerly the Opie and Anthony Show) on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. By night, he is one of the... [Read More]
Jim Norton prefers baby wipes to toilet paper…and other personal revelations (Video)
Have you ever wondered if Jim Norton prefers chocolate vs. vanilla or blondes vs. brunettes, then check out this Lightning Round Q&A video featuring the Louie comedian. The short video rallies off a bunch of questions ranging from sexual preferences to how he prefers to wipe his ass. If you can&... [Read More]
Jon Stewart announces Daily Show departure date. Win tickets to final taping (Video)
Jon Stewart announced that the end of his historic reign at Comedy Central will end on Aug. 6. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart loses its iconic host after 16 years behind the satirical-news desk. Stewart annonuced his retirement back in February to the shock and surprise of his fans. He told vi... [Read More]
Three Ex-Cops Smoke Weed For First Time In Years! 4/20 Video Shows Former Police Officers Supporting Pot Legalization
Three ex-cops celebrated 4/20 by smoking weed for the first time in years. And while getting hilariously high, they discussed why pot should be legalized. This clip of former police officers smoking marijuana comes from the folks at Cut Video, who a few months ago gave us the viral video of grandmot... [Read More]
Star Wars, Louis C.K. mashup with Chewbacca is amazing! (Video)
Nerdist has won the internet. At least for today. In celebration of Louie CK’s self-titled FX series Season 5 debut this month, (and not to mention the 2015 Star Wars Celebration currently going on out on the West Coast) the digital geek haven featured a brilliant video, one Star Wars and Loui... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics to premiere Coming to the Stage, series hosted by Dan Levy (Video)
For those of you out there who just can’t get enough of stand-up packaged into TV series form, there’s good news sliding down the story shoot for you. On May 6, production company Comedy Dynamics will debut Coming To The Stage, a new six-part series that will spotlight several up-and-com... [Read More]
Amy Schumer, John Oliver win Peabody Awards + Amy Schumer’s hilarious booty video!
Amy Schumer and John Oliver join fellow Comedy Central cohorts Jon Stewart and Key & Peele as Peabody Award Winners. The Peabody Awards are given annually for various media. “The single criteria for receiving a Peabody Award is excellence,” says its website. Unlike the Oscars or Emmy... [Read More]
Japanese karaoke game show Sing What Happens features women giving handjobs to contestants
Japan has a proud history of producing some of the most bizarre and disturbing reality programs and game shows on television. There’s a show called Troop of 100 wherein a group of 100 human beings run toward an unsuspecting stranger to scare him half to death. Then there’s the game show ... [Read More]
Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser comes to Crackle this summer (Trailer)
Fans of the cult hit Joe Dirt can get a taste of the upcoming sequel Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser today. Crackle.com released a trailer for the follow-up to David Spade’s 2001 box office bomb. Despite its measly $27 million gross in theaters, Joe Dirt grew an enormous fan base on DVD and cable.... [Read More]