'Bit daunting, really': the Edinburgh standups reading Chilcot in full – video
At 2.6m words it’s something of a mouthful, but John Chilcot’s Iraq war report is being tackled by comics at the 2016 fringe in a performance expected to take two weeks. Here, they explain why holding the powerful to account is ‘exactly what Edinburgh is for’Chilcot’s 6... [Read More]
'If I get laughs, I will have failed': Chilcot report recital begins in Edinburgh
Comedians kick off Iraq Out and Loud, the reading of all 6,000 pages of the Iraq war report in a small shed at the fringeThe most talked about performance at the Edinburgh festival fringe kicked off less with a bang and more with the clearing of a throat, the donning of some glasses, and the grippin... [Read More]
Can a rape joke ever be funny? Sexual assault survivors find out
Canadian comedy tour gives performers carte blanche to take the stage and joke about their personal experiences Nervous cheers greet the master of ceremonies as she steps out onstage ahead of the evening’s comedy show. “You’re witnessing stories of people who are really putting the... [Read More]
Bassem Youssef says 'get stuffed' to those who claim the Arab spring failed
Satirist whose show took Egypt by storm says the seeds of subversive humour he helped plant will be nurtured by a generation who has grown up online The Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef jokes that his compatriots joined the Arab spring revolt not because they wanted justice or democracy, but out of ... [Read More]