David Baddiel: ‘I am constantly mistaken for Ben Elton and Alan Yentob'
I cry a lot. Especially on planes. What is that about? On a plane, I’ll be in floods at The Good Dinosaur.Raised in London, David Baddiel, devised the Fantasy Football League television show with Frank Skinner in 1994. He writes novels for adults and children, and scripted the 2010 movie The I... [Read More]
Why I love… Michaela Coel
Coel is fearless. No joke is too risque, no comedic situation too outrageous to explore in pursuit of the funny Generally speaking, I love being surprised. It’s an increasingly hard thing to do, because the world is so predictable and my cynicism is a hard shell to breach. But someti... [Read More]
Sandi Toksvig review – crusading comic's jolly call for equality
Brighton DomeThe chipper comedian deftly juggles jokes, anecdotes and harsh facts in a fund-raising tour for her new political partyIt’s been running for one year, 70 local branches have sprung up around Britain and now Sandi Toksvig is touring to raise funds for “my brilliant new politi... [Read More]
Tina Fey: it’s a ‘terrible time’ for women in comedy
Sisters star says male comics get better wages for shoddier work, and reveals how journalists fired ‘sexist’ questions at her and Amy Poehler during publicity for filmTina Fey has described 2016 as a “terrible time” for women in comedy, because her male peers can churn out su... [Read More]
Sock it to Satan: the barman behind profane puppet drama Hand to God
Robert Askins drew on his evangelical Texas upbringing to create a comedy about a teenager tormented by an evil puppet. As the play hits Britain, will he quit his day job mixing margaritas in a Tex-Mex restaurant?When the playwright Robert Askins was a kid in Cypress, Texas, his mother forced him in... [Read More]
Santa's little jesters: comedians' alternative Christmas cracker jokes
Snowmen detectives, sporty Santas and showbiz elves … standup comics offer their best gags to sleigh them this ChristmasBeth Vyse: Why were Rudolph and Blitzen left on the shelves over Christmas? Because they were just two dear.Stewart Francis: How does Santa remember which chimneys he’... [Read More]
Bill Bailey's Christmas message: don't run holding a trifle
The comedian reveals his Hawaiian pudding nightmare – and explains why he ignores Christmas in his showsHi Bill! Are you feeling Christmassy yet?No, I’m not really. I actually find it quite odd when I see the proliferation of trees and lights and decorations around Britain while I’... [Read More]
Bridget Christie: Oh, to be Jeremy Clarkson! Clearly, I’ve been playing to the wrong crowd
‘Clarkson, free from the shackles of accountability to either his fans or his friends in government, has become a martyr for the right’When I started doing standup about feminism, two things happened. The first was that pick-up artists, men’s rights activists and Top Gear fans stop... [Read More]
Will Adamsdale: power tips to avoid jingle hell this Christmas – video
Will Adamsdale’s Edinburgh award-winning self-help coach Chris John Jackson returns this winter with a festive twist. Jackson’s Way: The Christmas Top-Up Power Seminar! is at Battersea Arts Centre, London, 1-12 December. Visit BAC’s website to watch his 12 power tips. Here’s ... [Read More]
Kevin Bridges hits the gym: 'They're training for the apocalypse' – video
In a clip from his new live DVD, the Scottish comic sizes up the ‘new breed of man’ he meets down the gym and finds out why even fruit for breakfast is frowned upon. Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story is available on digital download now and is on DVD from 23 November.Warning: strong... [Read More]