The Whitest Kids U’ Know announce US tour
TV-sketch heroes, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, will be stepping away from the camera to bring their sardonic flavor of comedy to the live stage. Championed for their edgy and hilarious commentary on complacent suburbia, the New York City comedy troupe will be performing at various theatres around the c... [Read More]
Pangea 3000, Sketch-Comedy Troupe, on Disbanding | NY Times
The four members of the NYC sketch comedy group Pangea 3000 are going their separate ways, at least for the time being. [Read More]
Keith Moon - comedian? Who drummer's lost sketches unearthed
He achieved fame as drummer for The Who… but it seems Keith Moon had a hidden talent for comedy, too. A lost album of comedy material – said to be similar to both Monty Python and the Derek and Clive tapes of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore – has been uncovered in a producer's vault. Of the nine sketches, one spoof cookery show advises recession-hit family to eat their grandmothers; while another is said to mock the the self-importance of rock stars. [Read More]
The story behind animated web series ‘Noah’s Ark’ with Maron, Bamford and Katz (Videos)
You may have noticed a new animated video featured at the top of Funny Or Die today called Noah’s Ark, which features the voices of comedians Marc Maron, Maria Bamford and Jonathan Katz. In it, we find Maron playing the over-worked, near-defeat... [Read More]
FIRST LOOK: Bachelor’s Pad - New Sketch Comedy Series Set to Premiere Next Month
FIRST LOOK: Bachelor’s Pad - New Sketch Comedy Series Set to Premiere Next Month LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20, 2012 – Best known for his remarkable ability to perform improv and create original characters, comedic actor-writer Andrew Bachelor stars in "Bachelor’s Pad," a new series that takes Bachelor’s personal joke book and brings it to life. "Bachelor’s Pad" will consist of filmed sketches, celebrity guests and pop-culture parodies presented in front of a live studio audience. Each episode wil... [Read More]
Here's the Horrible Comedy Sketch About Rape That Has UConn in Uproar
UConn, America's foremost institution of sports riots and male rage, is in uproar after student-run (and student-funded) television network UCTV aired a sketch comedy segment that depicted a crying girl using a blue-light phone while fleeing a possible rapist. As she attempts to escape, the robotic blue-light voices call her a "cock gobbler," a "stinky bitchy," a "blonde bitch," and a "howler monkey bitch" who is "crying rape." The sketch ends with the girl falling to the ground after her attack... [Read More]
Philly Sketchfest Continues Comedy Month October 10-15
Following the hilarious week of improv that is the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the fourth annual Philly Sketchfest is set to take center stage for Philadelphia Comedy Month. From October 10-15, the Philly Sketchfest takes over the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, 2111 Sansom Street, 2nd Floor. This festival features sketch performers from the East Coast, the Midwest, Los Angeles, and the stars of Philadelphia's extra talented sketch comedy scene. [Read More]