Glenn Wool: Let Your Hands Go
While anyone can point out hypocrisy, and maybe even get a laugh, it takes a special kind of mind to mix the sardonic with the silly, the way Glenn Wool does on his album, Let Your Hands Go (Stand-Up! Records.) Wool doesn’t just touch on heavy topics... [Read More]
“Max the Hero” (with MST3K’ers Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett) to Screen at NY Television Pilot Festival |
The animated comedy “Max the Hero” stars and was written by Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s and’s Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. It was produced, directed and co-written by Nashville’s Mike Salva. In the show, Max (voiced by Bill Corbett), is an accidental superhero who is kind of a lazy jerk. He never actually saves anybody. His jealous roommate, Stew (voiced by Michael J. Nelson), becomes his arch-rival. And they both injure their buddy Chip (voiced by Kevin Mur... [Read More]
Eddie Izzard Performs Private Show During Hospital Visit For A Fan
What does it take to get Eddie Izzard to give you your very own private 90 minute stand-up set? In the case of one unfortunate tourist, breaking three vertebrae, both arms and shattering his pelvis while trying to escape terrorists during November's Mumbai attacks. [Read More]
19 Random Questions with The Bammer!
Maria Bamford talks to "The Set List Online" about her pugs, Duluth, "Unwanted Thought Syndrome," Comedians of Comedy, "The Maria Bamford Show" and her advise for aspiring comedians. [Read More]
Harmony Korine’s 'Trash Humpers' and Vaudeville: An Interview with Chris Crofton
Harmony Korine’s latest film, Trash Humpers, is probably not coming to a theater near you – unless Chris Crofton makes it happen. Crofton is a Nashville-based musician and comedian enlisted by Korine to act in Trash Humpers. A Connecticut native who’s lived and worked in Nashville for the last nine years, Crofton is currently touring the country with the film, opening screenings with a set of his stand-up comedy. [Read More]
Producing a Comedy Show in NYC | Dan Allen
NYC-based producer and storyteller Dan Allen's tips for producing a successful comedy show are good advice for comedy show producers anywhere. [Read More]
Stand-Up Bootcamp – Day 2 recap
9:15 a.m. — Louie [Anderson] immediately begins by talking about anxieties on stage and what happens when your set has completely derailed. He tells the boot-campers that they should own their screw-ups on stage, that that can make all the difference. Louie also said “Stand-up is the expression of your heart at it’s finest. A real comic allows the crowd to feel that much closer to him after listening to him. [Read More]
Tommy Chong defends marijuana use on Mike Huckabee show
Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong recently appeared on Mike Huckabee’s talk show to defend marijuana in a segment neutrally named, “Is Pot Ruining Our Kids?” In the classic case of pothead vs. stodgy ol... [Read More]
Rivalry between Skyline Comedy Cafe and Comedy Quarter spills into courts | Appleton Post-Crescent
Cliff Diedrick (owner of the Skyline Comedy Cafe) filed the lawsuit against Pat Szalanski (who co-owns Comedy Quarter) in Outagamie County in June alleging that his former partner used Skyline's database of customer information as well as an advertising image to benefit his new business. Szalanski was prohibited from taking anything from Skyline as a condition of selling his share, according to court documents. Diedrick was granted a restraining order prohibiting Szalanski from using the materia... [Read More]