Top Ten Gifts Comedy Fans Would Appreciate
Now that the Thanksgiving madness is in the past and the memory of a human stampede at three in the morning to get that blue ray or 3D TV is nothing but a vague cloud of small inconvenience, it’s time to think about gift wrapping for Hanukah, C... [Read More]
IFC’s ONN writing staff unionizes, joins WGA-East
After The Comic's Comic reported exclusively that The Onion News Network series on IFC was facing a work stoppage due to a lack of union protections for its writing staff, comes word that the seven writers on the cable TV series have earned the right... [Read More]
Work stoppage looming? Impasse in WGA negotiations over The Onion’s ONN series on IFC
Last night, former and current contributors to The Onion -- America's leading humor print and online publication -- received an appeal by email to support the writing staff of the IFC's Onion News Network series, who wrote for the first season without an agreement under the Writers Guild of America. An email from the WGA informed them last night, the ONN writing staff were not about to continue their second season as "the only scripted live action television show now in production where the writ... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien's Writing Staff Kicks Off Everything Is Festival at Cinefamily (recap) | LA Weekly
where would O'Brien be without his writers? Thursday night, staff from Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show and Conan talked about pitch anxiety, lion-lambs, gravy boats and onanistic wildlife for the opening of the Everything Is Festival at Cinefamily. [Read More]
Female Writers in Late Night by the Numbers
Statette delivers the hard stats via this graphic. Don't shoot the messengers! NOTE: This list does not include the writing staffs for George Lopez (Lopez Tonight, TBS) or Mo'Nique (The Mo'Nique Show, BET). [Read More]
The Real 30 Rock Writers Room vs. The TGS Writers Room
Here's 30 Rock's Keith Powell, who plays Toofer on the show, on the writers room at 30 Rock vs. the writers room depicted on the show: "When we started 30 Rock five years ago, I had asked if I could sit in on the writers room. I like doing a lot of research to prepare.." [Read More]
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon cuts the "fax" line on freelancers, cites WGA? | the comic's comic
If you were one of the lucky ones, you got your name added to the fax lists, and you, too, could submit jokes on a daily basis to Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and even Saturday Night Live. Well, that's no longer the case in 2010 for freelancers to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, because they all received this new year's mass rejection letter, which cited "WGA restrictions" for cutting them loose. [Read More]
Why Are Late Night Writing Staffs Such Sausage Fests? | Comedy Central Insider
If anything, it seems like the Letterman scandal may ultimately have a silver lining. I don't think a lot of show runners are actively trying to keep women out of the late night TV, but now a bit of attention has been drawn to inconsistencies. [Read More]
Paley Panel Pointform - Late Night With Jimmy Fallon writing staff | Third Beat
The writing staff of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon held a panel at the NYC Comedy Festival which included A.D. Miles (Head Writer), Wayne Federman (Head Monologue Writer), Gerard Bradford, Jeremy Bronson, Mike "Deetch" DiCenzo, Tim McAuliffe, Morgan Murphy, Amy Ozols, Diallo Riddle, Jon Rineman, Bashir Salahuddin, Stephen Rodrick (moderator). [Read More]
Comedy writers speak, perform in D.C. | the comic's comic
In advance of this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner, the WGA East has put together a performance/panel session tonight at the Newseum, called "Writers Speak! A Potentially Regrettable Evening with Comedy Writers." The lineup includes J.R Havlan (The Daily Show), Bill Scheft (Late Show with David Letterman), Anthony Jeselnik (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Matt Goldich (Best Week Ever), Tim Carvell (The Daily Show), Opus Moreschi (The Colbert Report), Tom Ruprecht (Late Show with David... [Read More]