If you’ve got a webseries pitch, you can win a free trip to the 2016 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival
Do you have a webseries? Want to get it in front of industry? JFL 2015’s got your ticket. Here’s all of the details you need to know. CBC Punchline, Canada’s online comedy channel who’s joined up with this year’s Just For Laughs Festival for the 2015 edition of Beyond T... [Read More]
HBO’s 4/20 gift to Vimeo’s “High Maintenance” is a six-episode TV series order
Gizmodo has called High Maintenance "the greatest show not on television." Not anymore. HBO ordered a six-episode run of the Vimeo webseries on Monday -- April 20, aka 4/20, aka the high holy day for stoners -- to follow the adventures of a friendly Brooklyn pot dealer. "High Maintenance has proven ... [Read More]
Maria Bamford, Melinda Hill’s Funny Or Die series The Program features Jerry Minor, Oscar Nunez and more as Debtors Anonymous members (Videos)
Maria Bamford is leading a new kind of 12-Step program in her new Funny or Die webseries The Program. In the first episode, Bamford’s character Peace introduces us to her Debtors Anonymous group filled with compulsive debtors from varied walks of life– a former sex worker (co-creator Mel... [Read More]
Ted Alexandro Goes to Kickstarter to Raise Backing for ‘Teachers Lounge’ – The Interrobang
Alexandro and his comedy partner, Hollis James have been producing a comedy web series called the Teachers Lounge, and are going to Kickstarter to raise money to shoot the show professionally. [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee to run for at least nine seasons online
Jerry Seinfeld turned 60 yesterday. For his 61st year, expect to see a lot more of him driving comedians around New York City and elsewhere in vintage cars to drink cups of coffee and engage in funny talk small and large. Crackle announced today it and Acura would subsidize four more seasons of Sein... [Read More]
From webseries to Comedy Central to Cannes: “Broad City” takes its success story to MIPTV
Broad City began as a webseries by Upright Citizens Brigade performers Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and after 35 webisodes and the approval of Amy Poehler, made the leap to TV. Broad City just wrapped its first season on Comedy Central, with a renewal for more episodes in 2015. That's the sh... [Read More]
NBC invites your ideas to its Comedy Playground, to put favorites on air in 2015
It's your first day on the job at this radio station, and everything you thought you knew about radio gets thrown out the window. Including your stuff. Because that's your boss's idea of a joke. Wait. Why am I telling you all of this? I should be saving this pitch for the suits at NBC! After all, th... [Read More]
PBS Off Book asks, “What’s The Deal With Internet Comedy?”
The most recent episode of the PBS Off Book webseries, "What's the deal with Internet Comedy?" invited three comedians to discuss three facets of comedy that reaches you over the series of tubes we call Internet. You are using them now. Good job. Jon... [Read More]
FIRST LOOK: Bachelor’s Pad - New Sketch Comedy Series Set to Premiere Next Month
FIRST LOOK: Bachelor’s Pad - New Sketch Comedy Series Set to Premiere Next Month LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20, 2012 – Best known for his remarkable ability to perform improv and create original characters, comedic actor-writer Andrew Bachelor stars in "Bachelor’s Pad," a new series that takes Bachelor’s personal joke book and brings it to life. "Bachelor’s Pad" will consist of filmed sketches, celebrity guests and pop-culture parodies presented in front of a live studio audience. Each episode wil... [Read More]
“30 Rock” webseries ‘Frank vs Lutz’ premieres new episode
Sadly, tonight there is no new 30 Rock episode. But put your razors away, kids, and let NBC assuage your depression with a new installment of their 30 Rock webseries Frank vs Lutz, starring John Lutz, Judah Friedlander and Sue Galloway. In this episo... [Read More]