‘Kicking Dan Out’: A Web Series Review
If there was a national television commercial meant to feature Dan St. Germain’s comedic talent, his web series “Kicking Dan Out” would do the job perfectly. The five part web series consists of very well-written scenes, an excellent supporting... [Read More]
Animated stories: When Garfunkel & Oates met John Oates
Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome named their musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates. So, wouldn't you know, someday John Oates of Hall and Oates would find out about them. What happened next? Micucci and Lindhome share that story, lovingly animated by ... [Read More]
Comedy winners at the 2013 WGA Awards
Congratulations to all of the writers who took home prizes from the 2013 WGA Awards, as well as all of the writers nominated by their Writers Guild of America. Here are the comedy-related winners in bold, with their fellow nominees in those categorie... [Read More]
When Twitter jokes become short films: Web series #nitTwits proves 140 characters is plenty for quality comedy (Video)
It’s been far too long since we last posted about one of our favorite Web series #nitTwits, co-created by Mark Mathias Sayre and comedian Amber Tozer. To get you up to speed, here’s the deal: Short comedy films are produced based on funny... [Read More]
Brittani Nichols: ‘Words With Girls’ for Girls Who Like Girls
Brittani Nichols is a contributing editor at Autostraddle.com. She is also a producer/writer/actress for the web series Words with Girls. Her strong voice and talent for writing dialogue has gotten this aspiring TV writer a very strong start. We rece... [Read More]
Damaged – An Animated Web Series
(Editor’s Note: This article was written by comedian Liz Miele (www.lizmiele.com), creator of Damaged. Liz lives in NYC, has been profiled in The New Yorker and was also featured on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham.”) Hey I... [Read More]
Perp Justice or Coptown: Who ya got?
February must not only be Sweeps Month but also Cop Show Month at the show business factories where they manufacture new comedy videos, because I've already received two such entries already in the past week. First up, "Perp Justice." AKA Cop Show Dr... [Read More]
An invitation from the My Damn Channel Comedy Network
My business associates, colleagues and friends at My Damn Channel have an announcement to make. They have launched the My Damn Channel Comedy Network. What does that mean? And what does that mean for you? For My Damn Channel, it means founder and CEO... [Read More]
Geeking Out: The “30 Rock” High-Five Challenge
Geeking Out's Kerri Doherty and My Damn Channel's Mark Malkoff camped out on the sidewalk outside Silvercup Studios last month in Long Island City. They had a mission: High-five the cast of NBC's 30 Rock, which tapes at Silvercup. Time was running ou... [Read More]
David Koechner plays a lumpy, bi-sexual guy named Roy in new Web series (Video)
David Koechner isn’t just the best damn fictional sportscaster in the history of fake journalists (Champ Kind forever!), nor is he just one of the most popular go-to character actors in the world of comedy. Now he’s a man with his own Web... [Read More]