Jerry Seinfeld Inks Deal with Sony Pictures Television
Over the summer we published a story about Jerry Seinfeld’s web-based series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. As staff writer Andrea Mitchell reported at the time: “It [consists of] no more than fifteen-minute segments of two professionally funny pe... [Read More]
Scott Moran: Modern Comedian
Proof that one man can do it all, Modern Comedian is a weekly web series shot, edited, and produced by Scott Moran. The series features comedians in their homes and on-stage, sharing stories that are both intimate and hilarious. In October, Moran ink... [Read More]
Secret Society of Comedy: Seth Herzog, Jamie Lee and Craig Baldo on their worst gigs
Among the offerings on Official Comedy's YouTube channel is a weekly series called "Secret Society of Comedy," in which comedians sit backstage or in an otherwise private setting and reveal secrets from the show biz. This week's episode finds Jamie L... [Read More]
Best in Comedy 2012: The breakout year of Chris Hardwick
BBC America announced Wednesday that it's giving Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist colleagues a promotion -- a full, regular season of hourlong episodes of The Nerdist comedy variety show for 2013. “As a huge fanboy of nerd culture stuff, we at the Nerd... [Read More]
Amazon Studios announces slate of comedy pilots for 2013
Amazon Studios announced six new orders for comedy pilots to head into production for 2013. began soliciting original pitches for comedy series for the first time earlier this year, and has a comedy development slate of 13 projects. Among ... [Read More]
A Charlie Brown Christmas, all grown up in a “Louie” episode, from FOX ADHD
A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired 47 Decembers ago in 1965, and continued its traditional primetime run in network telecasts Tuesday night on ABC. The kids at FOX ADHD, however, have served up an alternate universe for the Peanuts gang -- one in ... [Read More]
Craft Ladies: Making Something out of Nothing
Lauren De Long and Tiffany Anne Price have journeyed deep into what they call “the rabbit hole of crafting.” Natural performers and best friends, the pair has blended their passion for acting and love of arts and crafts into a unique and irresistible... [Read More]
“Modern Comedian” series picked up by PBS Digital Studios
Scott Moran's documentary series about the lives and work of stand-up comedians, "Modern Comedian," will live on with a new distribution deal with PBS Digital Studios. Moran told The Comic's Comic: "Yeah! It's true. They approached me and made a grea... [Read More]
Ayn Rand has a talk show, and her first guest is Rob Delaney?
Ayn Rand is dead. Long live Ayn Rand. Now why are we talking about her talk show in 2012, then? Is it because GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan professes to be a fan of hers? Is it because our society needs guidance? More likely, it's because Michaela Watkins... [Read More]
“Happy Endings: LIVE!” at the UCB Theatre, with a Kat Dennings cameo
Are you excited for the new season of Happy Endings to start this Tuesday on ABC? Would you like to spend an hour with the cast and writing staff of this happy-go-lucky sitcom watching them perform live comedy? If you were in Los Angeles over the wee... [Read More]