The Lonely Island dropped a music video Between Two Ferns
The latest installment of the incredible web series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis is anything but a plain ol’ episode. In fact, if you only pay attention to the first bit of it you’ll miss out on a new music video by The Lonely Island which is about Spring Break and men marryi... [Read More]
‘Sleight of Mouth,’ where comedy and magic meet
Rather just do another podcast, Justin Willman, magician, host of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and the forth-coming Disney Channel game show Win, Lose or Draw, decided to do an on-line TV talk show called Sleight of Mouth. Sleight of Mouth is a combination magic/comedy/variety talk show that take... [Read More]
Join Felicia Day in Her ‘Guild’
I’m going to tell you all something that I’ve never admitted to anyone before. You might want to sit down. I’m a geek. It’s true. So, I might be a little biased in my review of “The Guild” because of how close to ... [Read More]
Go Behind Amy Schumer before going Inside Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer's new sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, debuts tonight on Comedy Central -- though you already could have watched the premiere episode online (and uncensored) thanks to the cable channel. But first, get to know a little about what... [Read More]
Season 3 of ‘Modern Comedian’ debuts, creator Scott Moran teases what’s to come
Season 3 of the beloved documentary web-series, Modern Comedian, is finally here! The long-awaited 18th installment features Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based comedian Phil Hanley. On his inspiration for the episode, creator and stand-up comedian Scott Moran says, “There are so many pieces to the stand-... [Read More]
Big names win big in Webby Awards
The Golden Globes may be criticized year-in and year-out for skewing nominations and awards to the hottest celebrities, but what about the Webbys? For all of the great work uploading and exploding online, the Webby Awards is a corporate entity that t... [Read More]
“The Simpsons” writers and Conan O’Brien reminisce in 2013
Has it really been 25 years since The Simpsons rejuvenated the idea of animated TV in primetime? Well, yes and no. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson first emerged as shorts on the fledgling FOX network during The Tracey Ullman Show in April... [Read More]
Push and Believe! Comedy Central greenlights first-ever “dramatic comedy” series, “Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!”
Comedy Central has swooped in and grabbed another comedy series from the development plans of another cable network, ordering 12 episodes of Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! and unveiling a separate 17-episode webseries, "Push and Believe." Enjoy It! origina... [Read More]
The Onion’s ‘Sex House’ – A Satire of Reality TV
A long time ago, during the summer of 2012, The Onion produced a highly acclaimed web series called “Sex House.” If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Go. Right now. I’ll wait. Everything about “Sex HouseR... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien reunites with The Simpsons writers for some “Serious Jibber-Jabber”
For his next episode of his spin-off video podcast, Serious Jibber-Jabber With Conan O'Brien, O'Brien reunites with his former co-workers from the writers' room of The Simpsons to discuss the early days of the FOX animated classic. Al Jean, Mike Reis... [Read More]