David Wain misses the hookup in season 5 of “Wainy Days”
David Wain is back with new episodes of the fifth season of "Wainy Days," in which he bags all of the hot chicks you've dreamed of. Only bagged doesn't mean what you think it means. You know what I mean. Roll the clips! Future episodes will show up... [Read More]
Amy Poehler on Board as Web Series “Broad City” Moves to FX
Comedian Amy Poehler may be busy starring on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” but that hasn’t stopped her from signing up to work on the hilarious web series “Broad City” with FX. Poehler will executive produce and di... [Read More]
TMNT comedy? Raphael as an open-mic stand-up
Do you have an unending love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If you were to rank the fellas by their senses of humor, then where would you place Raphael? Does your answer change after you watch this clip, in which Raphael, now in his 20s, attem... [Read More]
Marc Maron’s WTF gets the My Damn Channel Treatment
Marc Maron's podcast is very popular, but would you like to see extra scenes behind the scenes? Because that is now a thing. Because as of now, Marc Maron has joined the My Damn Channel network, which means you can look forward to more video and look... [Read More]
YouTube announces launch of new content channels, creating fresh new TV for your computer
Usually, a press release or announcement late on a Friday is meant to sneak something sinister past the press and your attention. This is the opposite of that. YouTube announced last night that it'll launch several brand-new channels full of original... [Read More]
New animated videos with Jonathan Katz
"Hey, we're back!" That's what Jonathan Katz has been saying for the past few years and past few dozen podcasts for WKATZ. But Katz's final "audio-only podcast" for WKATZ appeared online back in January. Fast-forward to August, and now we can not onl... [Read More]
Matt Besser’s new UCB Improv Master Class offers “new way”
How to gear up for this weekend's Del Close Marathon? How about warming up your comedic palette with this new web series from the Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Besser, "Inside the Master Class," in which Besser and his Los Angeles students of a sup... [Read More]