“A Big Announcement” TCGS #117: Chris Gethard, on Comedy Central ordering a pilot of The Chris Gethard Show with Funny or Die
A full 117 episodes into their weekly run on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network -- beamed from New York City's public-access cable TV to viewers everywhere online -- The Chris Gethard Show jokingly allowed all of its regular panelists and irregular guest characters and audience members to make big a... [Read More]
Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel took their Crash Test audience on a bus tour to the homes of Los Angeles comedians and filmed it for Red Hour, Paramount
If you saw a large tour bus rolling along the streets of Los Angeles last weekend with the faces of Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel painted on its side, with them inside, then you got a first glimpse at their upcoming Crash Test stand-up special. As Scheer jokingly told his Twitter followers @PaulScheer ... [Read More]
New York Comedy Festival Day 5: Memories from the Happy House and Moshe Kasher
The week of stand-up comedy that is the New York Comedy Festival has come to a wrap. With it one hell of a week of great comedy times from seeing some of our absolute favorite comedians to some new folks that we just learned about. It was a great week all around and as the […]New York Comedy ... [Read More]
Sketch comedy from Neil Casey and Will Hines: “Security Questions”
Will Hines and Neil Casey are two of the finest improvisers and sketch comedians in New York City, or your city if they were in and/or are coming to your city, and for a glorious time they performed sketches together in an Upright Citizens Brigade show called "Small Men." This is a sketch from that ... [Read More]
New York Comedy Festival Day 2: Jay Pharoah, Time Out Live, Set List, Julian McCullough and a sweet party
Day two of the New York Comedy Festival just kept on giving us access to some of the best comedy the city has to offer including NY vets and a peak at how the other end of the coast is living with Paul Provenza bringing his highly popular Set List to the East Coast for […]New York Comedy Fest... [Read More]
NY Comedy Fest – Weekend Picks
One of the best/worst parts of any comedy festival is trying to pick which shows to see at the expense of the others. So here’s an easy cheat sheet to help you make the most of your weekend. Friday Maria Bamford is sold out, but there are still single tickets available (as of writing) for Bil... [Read More]
New York Comedy Festival Day 1: Matt Braunger, Hannibal Buress, Vanessa Bayer, Comics Give Back, Comics To Watch, Modern Comedian, and Riotcast Live
It’s day 1 of the New York Comedy Festival, The Laugh Button is all over the city covering the best in comedy the big apple has to give. The first night is a doozey too with 7 stops all over the city. From Caroline’s, to the Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground and even some [&hellip... [Read More]
This Week In Web Videos: 'Exciting New Number System'
by Luke Kelly-Clyne What’s the key to producing successful web videos? There’s no guidebook, that’s for sure. As much as we think we know what’s funny, what’ll get shared and featured on the likes of HuffPo and Splitsider, the viewing public is highly unpredictable. Lu... [Read More]
“I Do Improv,” by Hard Left Productions
Need a fun little ditty about improv comedy that anyone can enjoy, whether you love improvising, hate improvisers, or hate to love loving to hate all of the above! Roll it. From Hard Left Productions, straight out of Boston. Lyrics by Robert Woo. Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along... I d... [Read More]
Danielle Cook & Mark Bisi Scare Us With ‘Sick Days’
How’s that Halloween hangover? Hopefully you’ve got a little spooky left in you! We’ve got your hangover cure and spooky fill with the ”Sick Days” pilot episode, brought to you by writer/creator [...]Author informationMeredith SchneiderContributing Editor at S... [Read More]