Comedians featured in Twitter book, "Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less" | Punchline Magazine
It's no secret that Twitter really has been taken over by the country's best comedians. So this new Twitter development doesn't come as much of a surprise. I recently got my hands on an advanced copy of Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less, a book that features some of the funniest Tweets made public since the micro-blogging site launched in 2006. Edited by San Francisco-based tech writer and founding editor of Valleywag (a blog about Silicon Valley), Nick Douglas, the book is what ... [Read More]
Twitcom - Matt Kirshen, more to perform on live Twitter stand-up event : Punchline Magazine
On June 8, British standout comedian and Last Comic Standing star Matt Kirshen, along with six other comics will participate in a groundbreaking stand-up event. Twitter will debut their first comedy show in what constitutes a new form of live entertainment. The show, Twitcom will show a new role of the stand-up comedian, with comics relying on their computer or cell phone for their performance. [Read More] launches, aggregating comedians on Twitter launched today following the everyday "Tweets" of more than 120 top Comedians who are on the micro-blogging website Twitter. You can follow all your favorites without signing up for Twitter, or for Twitter users this is a simplified and aggregated list all in one place -- no need to follow, just read and laugh. is 100% Free and simple to use. [Read More]
Carlos Mencia's Twitter - 25 Posts Too Unfunny to be Stolen | Cracked
When Carlos Mencia got a Twitter account, I knew it was a great opportunity to see how one of our finest comedic minds works. He's the Bad Boy of Comedy! Except only he himself called himself that and it was only to set up a joke about how that's a silly thing to call someone. I believe the punchline was, "Bad Boy of Comedy!? Hey, watch out mang, that guy tells jokes!" I know what you're thinking: Mencia? Twitter!? This is going to be great!!! Let's see what he says! [Read More]
Vote for Best Comedy Twitter! | RooftopComedy
With our annual RooftopComedy Awards, we recognize comedians and those in online comedy who are doing exciting, innovative and, yes, hilarious things. This year, we'd like to thank those who are cracking us up daily, often hourly, via Twitter. Who do you think should take the 2009 title of "Best Comedy Twitter"? Winners will be announced at the Aspen RooftopComedy Festival in Aspen, CO on June 13th and, of course, on Twitter shortly thereafter! Make sure to follow @RooftopComedy to get the annou... [Read More]
The Twittering comics | Time Out Chicago
"For a comedian, it's a great way to promote your shows," Vatterott says, "and perhaps, by word of mouth, be known as someone funny to follow and not someone who just updates the world on menial tasks like people do on Facebook. If I read one more person who tells me, ‘Nap time for Meg!' or ‘John's having soup!' it might be enough for me to go outside and interact with real people." [Read More]
Twitter gives rise to a network of amateur comedians | chicago tribune
For about 20 years, Joe Schmitt kept his wit and off-kilter observations largely to himself, occasionally cracking up his wife and friends, but sharing little with the world around him. Then came Twitter. The social networking Web site and Schmitt's sense of humor mixed like Mentos and Diet Coke, and the man has since been spraying the Internet with 140-character bursts of funny. On Palm Sunday he wrote: "Yes, I rode to church on a donkey this morning. It's no big deal -- my car was in the shop.... [Read More]
Kevin Hart talks comedy with Carson Daly | the comic's comic
Hart talks about how he had to adapt from the New York City comedy scene to that of Los Angeles, how people like Dave Chappelle are funny in a different way from other stand-ups, and what that can mean for a comedian. Also, Twitter. [Read More]
Steve Agee / @steveagee completes the Agee5k | Punchline Magazine
At 10: 58 pm EST Saturday (7:58 pm his time) The Sarah Silverman Program's Steve Agee fulfilled his promise to read every one of his Twitter followers. The self challenge started when @steveagee announced that if he were to reach 5,000 followers by midnight Friday, he would read every one of his follower's names on a video blog. Because the logistics of posting a multi-hour vlog would be a nightmare, Agee later decided — thankfully — to simply stream the whole ordeal live. He began reading ... [Read More]
Russell Brand and Jimmy Fallon will Twitter on TV tonight
Minutes ago, Fallon typed this into his Twitter feed: "Trying a Twitter experiment around 6:00pm eastern time. Should be fun. Check in around that time." In other words, while he is taping his show for tonight. And here is this video message from Brand yesterday about wanting more Twitter followers by tonight's taping. Ergo, there shall be two celebrities, on your television late tonight, talking Twitter and Tweeting. [Read More]