With Twitter as the Messenger, Brisk Sales for Conan O’Brien Tour | NY Times
Conan O’Brien has almost sold out his nationwide comedy tour — and all it took was a few Twitter messages. It was an experiment of sorts for Mr. O’Brien’s team — and they quickly found out how loyal the comedian’s online fan base can be. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Changes Life of One Peanut Butter-Loving Twitterer | Tonic
Earlier this week Sarah Killen was just another anonymous American with a Twitter account. "Vermillion pt.2 is the best song EVER," she wrote in one Tweet Tuesday about the Slipknot song. "yummmmmmhmmmm Peanut butter," she wrote on Thursday. But Friday? Suffice it to say everything changed when none other than Conan O'Brien decided to follow the Michigan resident — the one and only person the comedian and former late night host is following on the new Twitter account he launched Feb. 24th. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Officially Joins Twitter @ConanOBrien | WSJ
Since leaving the Tonight Show in January, comedian Conan O’Brien has spent time with his family, ruminated about his future (including a possible live show), and as of today, joined Twitter under the handle @ConanOBrien. His initial tweet? “Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.” [Read More]
William Shatner in CBS pilot for 'Shit My Dad Says' | THR
Twitter sensation Shit My Dad Says is becoming a TV pilot with William Shatner set to play the larger-than-life dad at the center of it. The casting of Shatner lifts the contingency on CBS' multicamera family comedy project based on the Twitter account, which has enlisted more than 1.16 million followers since launching in August and has made its creator, Justin Halpern, an Internet star. [Read More]
NBC canned Conan, but Twitter Tracker lives on at the Olympics |True/Slant
Remember when right in the heart of Late Night Wars II: Jay vs. Conan, NBC's Dick Ebersol trashed O'Brien in the New York Times? Ebersol is "chairman" of NBC Universal Sports. Conan had a pretty funny bit called "Twitter Tracker," a sort of death-metal voice-over recap of some very bland celebrity Tweets, unworthy of the attention bestowed on them. It was a wry commentary about celebrity, probably eight levels above Ebersol's head. It was also one of many of Conan's late night ideas that Ebersol... [Read More]
WitStream - making Twitter bearable for comedy fans and writers alike | AST
WitStream is a "curated" Twitter focused on delivering only the funniest tweets to their audience by hand-picking their contributors. Started by TV producer Lisa Cohen and actor/comedian Michael Ian Black (a giant in the world of Twitter with over 1.3 million followers). [Read More]
Drew Carey will donate $1 Million to charity if he gets a million Twitter followers by the end of 2009 | CBS News
the host "The Price Is Right" told CBS that he will donate $1 million to Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong Foundation if he gets 1 million Twitter followers by midnight on December 31, 2009. [Read More]
Pee Wee Herman Tweets His Way Back To the (Big) Top | Comedy Central Insider Blog
Comedy Central's Insider Blog has a thing with video of Pee Wee's first Twitter tweet and the clip of Pee Wee appearing on Leno to talk about his live come back show, and then he telling some kind of sad stories from his childhood. [Read More]
Washington Post Launches Comedy Web Series Based on Celebrity Tweets | Mashable
NewTeeVee turned us on to an entertaining new web series produced by — of all sources — The Washington Post. The new series features 2-minute long episodes with comedically un-profound tweets from celebrities, but staged to a visual representation of a deep and thoughtful dramatic reading. [Read More]
Comedians Twitter-Testing New Material | Wired
"The perfect," Voltaire warned us, "is the enemy of the good." "Try again. Fail again. Fail better," Samuel Beckett wrote. "Write your way out of a thinking block—because you'll never think your way out of a writing block," Twitters the net humorist known as Hotdogsladies.. [Read More]