So Marc Maron Sits Next to Former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman on a Plane...
Ken Mehlman is the former GOP chairman who recently confirmed he was gay. Marc Maron is a comedian. Marc Maron has found himself sitting next to Ken Mehlman on a plane and is live-tweeting it. Guess what happened? If you guessed that LA comedian Marc Maron, creator of the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, took a picture of his exposed nipple next to former GOP chairman Ken Mehlman, you are correct! [Read More]
"You're not a stand-up comedian anymore..." One Show's Jason Manford under fire for 'unprofessional' anti-BBC rant on Twitter
As a stand-up comedian, Jason Manford is used to having the freedom to voice controversial views. However, The One Show frontman may have gone one rant too far. The 29-year-old has today come under fire for an outburst on his Twitter page over the BBC's decision to cut part of his act during the broadcast of the Help For Heroes concert. [Read More]
Louis CK goes on drunken Twitter rant, Sarah Palin victimized | Examiner
Last night, comedian and FX star Louis CK boarded a plane for Los Angeles from his home city of New York. Because Louis is a man of leisure and a fan of rum, he indulged in a series of rum-and-Cokes while on his flight that resulted in the most hilariously profane, vindictive Twitter screed.. [Read More]
comedians on twitter: An open mic, in 140-characters or less | AP
An AP 'comedians on twitter' piece, highlighting Michael Ian Black, Witstream, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon and the Late Show with David Letterman's head writers Eric and Justin Stangel. [Read More]
Michael Ian Black defends Obama, blasts Tea Party slander during stand-up set
In case you haven’t heard already, Michael Ian Black is a stallion. And if you sneak up behind him, chances are you’ll be kicked. Hard. In the teeth. And balls. Case in point: Black’s Saturday night tirade on a stand-up stage in Col... [Read More]
UK's Keith Chegwin hacks jokes on Twitter, encourages comics to steal jokes
UK tv personality Keith Chegwin has been accused of plagarising jokes by comedians Ed Byrne and Simon Evans on Twitter. In an interview last year, Chegwin allegedly advised budding comics to steal gags, saying: ‘If you've not got your own, nick a gag! That's what all the top comedians do.’ [Read More]
Comedy Central at Comic Con: Day One Vol. II, Childrens Hospital Panel
nSo, I'm writing this at 9:36 pm San Diego time, but 12:36 am New York time. I feel kind of like a time traveler, except instead of going back and changing the past so that my father writes a po... [Read More]
Conan writer Deon Cole tweets outrage over lack of Emmy air time
The Conan O'Brien Gang's Pity Party continues. One of the late night host's writers has tweeted that they'd just been notified the category in which they were nominated would not be shown during this year's Emmycast on NBC. [Read More]
Edinburgh Fringe 2010 - Comedian Tony Cowards set to perform 'virtual' show through Twitter
A comedian is set to make a fringe first by performing at the festival even though he will not be making the trip to Edinburgh. Tony Cowards has launched one of the most unique shows at the fringe to date; No Ticket Required - a completely virtual show which is going to be hosted entirely on twitter. [Read More]
Michael Ian Black gets paid to Tweet; you have a problem with that?
Those of you who follow Michael Ian Black on Twitter may have noticed recently that some of his Tweets seem to be less funny and more like… advertisements. That’s because they are. The longtime co... [Read More]