David Letterman gives Eddie Murphy advice on hosting the Academy Awards
Eddie Murphy makes a rare late-night TV appearance tonight on Late Show with David Letterman. Sure, Murphy is promoting a new movie, Tower Heist. But you know what else Murphy is up to? Hosting the Academy Awards in a few months! You know who else ha... [Read More]
Watch Lenny Clarke’s Weight Watcher outtakes
Lenny Clarke lost a bunch of weight over the summer, thanks to Weight Watchers, which he's more than happy to tell you about in a TV commercial. Well, here come the outtakes from the filming of that ad. Or are they? Now with more profanities and refe... [Read More]
On Conan, Matt Braunger gets awkward with girls, ponders a lonely man existence
Matt Braunger may have dressed like Mister Rogers last night on Conan, but he certainly doesn't act like him. Or, should I say, their acts aren't all that similar. I don't remember Mister Rogers talking about hitting on girls, hangovers in your 30s, ... [Read More]
Video: President Obama to Jay Leno: We gave Gaddafi ample opportunity
President Barack Obama vists the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight on NBC. The face-to-face chat has been filmed and is ready to air. Among the many topics discussed, of course, was the recent assassination of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In thi... [Read More]
Video: South Park does Broadway on new episode
Each week, South Park teases the world with a 30-second clip of its new episode. As far as preview clips go, that’s a short video. Most shows give at least 45 seconds; some give even a few minutes. But South Park doesn’t follow the rules. And sometim... [Read More]
Aisha Tyler scores hosting gig on CBS chat show “The Talk”
After a recent week-long guest hosting stint on CBS’ The Talk, stand-up comedian and actress Aisha Tyler has landed herself a permanent spot on the daily chat show. Her first official day on the job is tomorrow when the show airs 2 pm ET, repor... [Read More]
Kim Kardashian lands substantial role in Tyler Perry movie
A few weeks ago we learned that Tyler Perry was the highest paid man in entertainment last year, as he raked in $130 million between May 2010 and May 2011. Whether you love or hate the man’s work, you can’t deny that the dude makes some s... [Read More]
Occupy Comedy: Jeffrey Ross roasts, Jamie Kilstein goes “undercover,” John Oliver is the 98%
Some of the people who have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC and other cities across America may be ridiculous, but the movement is anything but. Comedians, of course, are trying to tap into the activist community to both help it and moc... [Read More]
“Search for America’s Newest Comedy Writer” contest launches
Though Modern Family has flourished in its popularity both critically and commercially, apparently, there’s still room for another comedy series dealing with the intricacies of the American family. Many networks have and are continuing to explo... [Read More]
Enjoy boobs, blood and a hand job in the Harold & Kumar red band trailer
Back in August we showed you dudes the first theatrical trailer for the new Harold & Kumar flick A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. It was entertaining, for sure. But where were all the bad words and flashes of questionable scenes from the... [Read More]