Jonah Hill reveals 21 Jump Street’s neighbors on SNL promo
Perhaps the luckiest man in Hollywood, Jonah Hill — Oscar nominee? — is hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live in an effort to promote his upcoming flick 21 Jump Street. But don’t take our word for it. Watch these kind-of-... [Read More]
30 Rock, Modern Family, Bridesmaids lead the pack of Comedy Awards nominees
Comedy Central today announced the nominations for their second annual Comedy Awards, heavily favoring NBC’s 30 Rock and ABC’s Modern Family (both with five nominations), HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm with four and NBC’s Parks an... [Read More]
Watch a preview of the new animated ‘Community’ videos
As if you weren’t excited enough for Community‘s return to NBC on March, 15, we just got word from the network that will start rolling out animated shorts based on the show starting Wednesday! You can check out a sneak peek below!... [Read More]
Ugly Americans animators are ready to make an Osbournes comedy series
We all remember the groundbreaking MTV reality series that followed the daily life of one of rock n’ roll’s most iconic figures and his family. Running from 2002 through 2005, The Osbournes gave us the chance to learn a lot about Ozzy Osb... [Read More]
Yahoo! launches new comedy channel with 7 Minutes in Heaven and more
From Netflix producing the new season of Arrested Development to just about everything Funny or Die posts and to sites like Hulu and Crackle releasing its own programming, these days, the online world is constantly competing to release the best new o... [Read More]
Find out how Futurama is helping the presidential election process
Brace yourselves, folks: it’s an election year. So we’ll soon be hearing a lot about voter fraud and Diebold machine malfunctions. Hooray. Some, however, are taking some precautions against vote hacking. In a brilliant bit of crowd-sourcing, teams fr... [Read More]
Ted Alexandro gets multilingual on Letterman
Have you ever wondered about the real lyrics to the song, "La Bamba"? Not to worry, because Ted Alexandro returned to Late Show with David Letterman last night and deconstructed the song for us. This leads naturally to a discussion on how we learn la... [Read More]
Watch Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in the red band trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’
Although Wanderlust is still in theaters, another David Wain/Ken Marino project (kind of; seems they did re-writes on this one) is already getting some attention. The red band trailer for That’s My Boy was released today. The film, in theaters ... [Read More]
Lindsey Broad, the woman behind The Office’s Cathy Simms, laughs off the hatred
If you’ve been watching The Office lately, you’ve undoubtedly become acquainted with Cathy Simms, the newest addition to the Dundler Mifflin team in Scranton. Played by Lindsey Broad, Cathy first appears in the current season’s seventh episode. The o... [Read More]