Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in new comedy, cites God and faith
Tyler Perry, also known as the highest paid man in entertainment, has gotten a lot of shit for casting reality star Kim Kardashian in his latest film, The Wedding Counselor, in which she plays a friend who gives the main character lots of advice abou... [Read More]
Worst school ever suspends teacher for showing Daily Show segments in class
These days, tons of young people learn about the news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And that’s a good thing – you won’t find too many media sources on television that are as incisive or intelligent as Stewart and his crew of writers. So it’s ... [Read More]
Deciphering NBC’s midseason comedy shuffle
The incoming group of NBC executives this year knew they were inheriting a tough situation, with the Peacock Network in fourth place in the ratings (and maybe even worse at times if you include the Spanish-language networks) and no reason to see that... [Read More]
Watch the best Liz Lemon moments, also “30 Rock” fans totally geeking out
On Monday, NBC announced that 30 Rock would return 8 pm ET on Thursday, Jan. 12. Hooray, right? Well, there’s some folks that may be more excited for the return of the hugely popular show than us– or you. Don’t believe us? Check out... [Read More]
Comedy Central extends “South Park” through 2016!
No surprise here, folks. Today, Comedy Central announced that it will continue airing new episodes of South Park through 2016. “The collective genius of Matt and Trey knows no bounds,” said Michele Ganeless, president of the network. R... [Read More]
First look at Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele”
Former MADtv players Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have a new sketch comedy series of their own debuting Jan. 31, 2012, on Comedy Central. It's called Key & Peele. And here is your first look at the show. Roll the clip! ... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler inks a deal that will keep her on E! through 2014
After years of stellar ratings within desirable demographics, an incredible cross-platform visibility and mentoring a small army of up and coming stand-up comedians, it should come as no surprise that E! has renewed Chelsea Handler’s contract through... [Read More]
Pamela Anderson will be the Virgin Mary on comedian Russell Peters’ holiday special
Former Playboy Playmate and (the original?) sex-tape star Pamela Anderson is set to perform in a re-imagining of the Nativity story on CTV and The Comedy Network’s (Canada’s Comedy Central equivalent) A Russell Peters Christmas Special. The role she’... [Read More]
“30 Rock” takes the place of “Community” and more changes in comedy at NBC
NBC, the network responsible for most of today’s watch-worthy comedies, just announced that it would be shuffling some of its sitcoms around. And at first glance, the changes make sense. Let’s get the most important facts out of the way. Despite what... [Read More]
Onion News Network writers on the blurry line between ridiculously real TV news and IFC parody
One of the more fascinating features of IFC's Onion News Network is how this fake parody of TV news relies heavily on people with real experience as anchors and reporters on local and cable news programs. Its star, Brooke Alvarez, is really Suzanne S... [Read More]