A Brief History of 'Glove,' an Uncredited 30 Rock Extra
This is the story of "Glove," a rubber glove that made four separate appearances on TV comedy fave 30 Rock. The mastermind (er, hand) inside "Glove" is R.C. Hall, a New York-based hip-hop artist, skateboard enthusiast and background gypsy who, in a meta-twist redolent of the show itself, portrayed a set painter for TGS With Tracy Jordan. To get to the bottom of "Glove," The Apiary dropped a few questions on Hall, to which kindly replied. His responses were edited for space and clarity. [Read More]
MTV Orders Up Parker and Stone's How's Your News?
"How's Your News?" which began in 1998 as a series of short films directed by Arthur Bradford featuring cast members with disabilities serving as news reporters who interview people on the street. Stone and Parker later executive produced a feature film following the reporters. The MTV series will feature a team of reporters who drive across America in a customized tour bus documenting their experiences covering events like the Grammys. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman's Music Is Poo (CHARTattack Interview)
Finally, someone covering the music industry acknowledges that even goofy comedy songs about poop beat most crappy serious music. "Sarah Silverman's joke songs are better than three-quarters of the shitty "serious" artists we cover in this magazine. So we asked her a bunch of questions about poop." [Read More]
Conan O’Brien Weighs In On Leno Deal
I heard that Conan O'Brien's producer Jeff Ross was telling Hollywood yesterday that "having Jay at 10 PM is better than having Jay at 11:30 PM and competing against him." Then Conan addressed the Leno situation tonight on his Late Night show: "I wanted to make something very clear here on the show this evening. I've known about this for a while. I've talked a lot about this with Jay. I am thrilled. I am absolutely thrilled that Jay is staying at NBC. He has been my lead-in on this program for 1... [Read More]
JImmy Kimmel On Leno Deal: “I Feel Like A Huge Chin Has Been Lifted Off My Shoulders…”
Jay Leno just repeated jokes from his Tuesday press conference on his show last night, except to say about the buzz he was finalizing a jump to ABC, "those were rumors started by a disgruntled employee -- me." But Jimmy Kimmel spoke on air about the near deal that wasn't -- and how he almost got screwed by his network president. [Read More]
How Leno Won. Again.
The co-writer of Leno's autobiography, on why NBC always knifes its late-night royalsâ€"and a never publicly seen note Leno once sent to Johnny Carson about it. [Read More]
2009 Writers Guild Awards, TV comedy nominees
A year ago, we couldn't really celebrate our funny TV writers, because they were on strike, but this past Monday, no such strike, so we can celebrate once again. And here are your 2009 Writers Guild Award nominees in the comedy categories. Winners will be announced Feb. 7, 2009, simultaneously in ceremonies in New York City and Los Angeles. [Read More]
Russell Brand wins British Comedy Award
Russell Brand's controversial exit from the BBC seems to have done the comedian no lasting harm -- the showman was voted best live standup act at the British Comedy Awards Friday night. Brand, who quit his BBC radio show after he and TV anchor Jonathan Ross broadcast lewd phone messages to "Fawlty Towers" actor Andrew Sachs, dedicated his award to Ross, whom he described as "the king-maker." Brand, who is filming in LA, sent a video message of himself accepting the award from Adam Sandler. Ot... [Read More]
Review: David Crowe: Crooked Finger (Showtime)
David Crowe's new 75-minute stand-up special, Crooked Finger, debuted late last night on Showtime. If you missed it, don't fret, as the pay channel rebroadcasts Crowe's special again tonight and throughout the month on TV and On Demand. Except the special isn't exactly new?! No, really. Crowe's own site reveals he recorded his set at Seattle's Triple Door Theater way back in 2005, but if takes three years to get it sold to Showtime, at least it got sold, right? And Amazon.com says you cannot ge... [Read More]
Alan Carr sorry for Karen Matthews remark
Comedian Alan Carr has apologised for dedicating an award to Karen Matthews, who kidnapped her daughter Shannon. Government minister Shahid Malik, called him "sick and insensitive" after he made the remark to reporters at Saturday's British Comedy Awards. Carr said Matthews, who is from Mr Malik's constituency, was "rough", a gay icon and would be his dream guest. The comedian later said: "I realise what I said was insensitive and I am very sorry for any offence caused." Junior justice minis... [Read More]