Dan Naturman on Late Show with David Letterman
Dan Naturman performed on Friday's Late Show with David Letterman. Hear what Naturman has to say about marriage, foreign languages, prescription drugs and alumni giving. Important stuff! Roll the clip! [Read More]
Review: Tom Papa’s ‘Live in New York City’ is a satisfying slab of honest comedy
It’s been six years since the comedy world has had access to a new, proper Tom Papa album. And even then, although it was excellent, his album Calm, Cool & Collected was only 35 minutes! Boo! Also, hiss. Luckily, it’s not like Papa has been gone... [Read More]
Listen to NPR’s 38-minute interview with Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
Portlandia‘s second season debuts tomorrow on IFC at 10 pm ET! And the show’s stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein sat down with Terry Gross, of NPR’s Fresh Air recently. It aired this morning. And you can listen to the entire t... [Read More]
Poll: Would you pay money to watch a Bridesmaids sequel without Kristen Wiig?
When a comedy flick costs $32 million to make and then grosses $288 million worldwide, it’s a given: you make a sequel– no matter how flimsy the thematic reasoning may be. So, it’s no surprise that Universal is working on a sequel t... [Read More]
Watch Tracy Morgan talk about his new fiancee, 30 Rock and why he hates wearing underwear
In exactly one week (Jan. 12), season six of 30 Rock will premiere on NBC at 8 pm ET. And like they do in the biz, the cast has been making the rounds on the television to help promote this fact. Alec Baldwin even got thrown off a plane! Although it ... [Read More]
A conversation between two network TV executives before green-lighting “Work It” and “¡Rob!”
Midseason TV begins in earnest this week, although it's difficult to use the word "earnest" when the big four networks are subjecting us to blights upon humanity such as Work It and ¡Rob! How could these shows make it past the initial pitch meeting, ... [Read More]
Watch five minutes of John Mulaney’s new stand-up comedy special
John Mulaney has been one of the most exciting comedians to watch in the last few years. He’s grown from one of New York City’s favorite downtown comics to one of the nation’s most sought-after talents, scoring a staff writing gig a... [Read More]
Year in Review: Top 10 Posts of 2011
Before we jump into the comedy news of 2012, let's take one more look back at what you clicked on most here at The Comic's Comic in 2011. A few of the more popular posts on the site actually dated back to 2010 or even 2009, thanks to people loving cl... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt, “Finest Hour”
Patton Oswalt has reached that level of success where he's compelled to say up top, "Nothing I'm going to say will live up to that!" to lessen the audience's expectations. Which doesn't matter because the opening applause is but one of many breaks du... [Read More]
Spend 24 minutes behind the scenes at ‘Portlandia’ with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
Portlandia‘s second season on IFC is fast approaching, comedy nerds. In fact, we’re just eight days away from the bizarrely funny sketch show’s Jan. 6 premiere (10 pm ET)! So, to further whet your appetite for the second coming of F... [Read More]