John Cleese looks back on Fawlty Towers | Chortle
Cleese recalls a convivial restaurant meeting with the BBC's head of light entertainment, Jimmy Gilbert, in 1974, in which he explained he wanted to make a show with his wife of the time, Connie Booth, even though he had no idea what. ‘Go away and think about it,' Gilbert told him. ‘I will commission whatever you do.' These were, indeed, simpler times. Cleese reveals: ‘It's hard to believe these days, but when we were doing Monty Python we didn't know what the audience figures were, and we... [Read More]
Inside With: Dave Holmes, Mixing News and Comedy | The Apiary interview
Ten years ago, Dave Holmes won 2nd place in MTV's Wanna Be a VJ contest, edged out by a tall and lanky "street kid" named Jesse Camp. But 10 years later, Holmes is a host for Court TV's Saturday Night Solution programming block, FX's DVD on TV, CBS's summer series Fire Me...Please, and has appeared on Best Week Ever, Super Secret Movie Rules and 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the '80s. In addition to showing up most recently on Reno 911!, Holmes has kept busy with a live-stage show, The Friday ... [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 5/4 - Fri, 5/8 | STAGE TIME Magazine
Comic television appearances include Denis Leary, Colin Quinn, Norm MacDonald, Brian Regan, Mike Epps, Aziz Ansari, Christian Finnegan, Kathleen Madigan and Todd Glass. [Read More]
British Comedy, Midlife Madness: "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" dvd review
Reginald Perrin is married and middle-aged, a corporate manager and bored out of his mind, literally out of his mind. Like an airplane on autopilot, he is losing altitude and heading for a crash. The 1970s British TV comedy, "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin," is a remarkably funny look at one man's mid-life crisis. The four-disc DVD will be out on May 12. [Read More]
Jim Davidson back on TV in "So You Think I'm An A***hole" | Chortle
Jim Davidson is to make a return to TV in a one-off reality show called: So You Think I'm An A***hole. In the Virgin 1 programme, Davidson will meet a number of famous gay, black and female mentors who will challenge his material and try to change his views. The show will be filmed in Dubai - where Davidson fled to avoid paying tax - and across the UK and will culminate with a stand-up performance to determine whether Davidson's style of comedy is acceptable any more. [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 4/27 - Sun, 5/3 | STAGE TIME Magazine
Willie Barcena: Deal With It stand-up special premieres Saturday, May 2 at 11pm on Comedy Central. Comic television appearances this week include Paul Rodriguez, Jay Mohr, Arsenio Hall, Chelsea Handler, Kevin Hart, Jim Norton and T.J. Miller. [Read More]
Fawlty Towers stars reunite for TV | Salisbury Journal
The cast and crew of comedy classic Fawlty Towers are re-uniting in a celebration of the show's 30th anniversary. John Cleese, Connie Booth, Andrew Sachs and Prunella Scales will tell the story of how the well-loved sitcom was made. The special, called Fawlty Towers: Re-opened, will be broadcast on Sunday, May 10 on TV channel G.O.L.D. [Read More]
Sneak peek: The MADtv finale (May 16, 2009) | the comic's comic
Mark your calendars for May 16, 2009, because that's the date FOX plans to air the final episode of MADtv. [Read More]
The State has a complete DVD release date: July 14, 2009 | the comic's comic
The kids who spawned Reno 911!, Stella, Viva Variety and the upcoming Michael and Michael Have Issues are all grown up now, and they're finally bringing their original 1990s MTV sketch showcase, The State, to DVD. Five discs full of extras, coming July 14, 2009. [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 4/20 - Fri, 4/24 | STAGE TIME Magazine
Comic television appearances this week include George Wallace, Jeff Dunham, Janeane Garofalo, Doug Williams, Kathleen Madigan, John Caparulo, Finesse Mitchell, Hope Flood and Kumail Nanjiani. [Read More]