Ana Gasteyer lied to Lorne Michaels about her age during Saturday Night Live interview
We’ve all lied on our resumes or job applications. But lying to Lorne Michaels during your Saturday Night Live interview takes some serious balls. But that’s what Ana Gasteyer did before she landed her spot on the iconic show in 1996. In a new interv... [Read More]
Freestyle Love Supreme joins ESPN’s SportsNation for Super Bowl week in New Orleans
Hip-hop improv comedy group Freestyle Love Supreme flew down from New York City to New Orleans this week to celebrate Super Bowl Week with ESPN's SportsNation. Each weekday, the fellas have been dropping new improvised rhymes for the athletes on the ... [Read More]
Liz Meriwether on the Nick-Jess relationship from “New Girl,” before and after “the kiss”
Did you watch Tuesday's episode of New Girl on FOX yet? Well, you should have. It's Thursday. What is wrong with you? You're on the Internet clicking on and reading something about New Girl. Hold your spoiler alerts and get with the program. Nick (Ja... [Read More]
Anjelah Johnson revisits Bon Qui Qui for Alexander Wang video campaign
Anjelah Johnson's Bon Qui Qui character has resurfaced! Alexander Wang's "Spring 2013 T" promotional video features Johnson as her retail worker who puts her own spin on customer service, Bon Qui Qui, in her first and probably last day as an employee... [Read More]
Comedy Central renews Nick Kroll sketch series ‘Kroll Show’ after only two episodes!
It only aired twice, with its third episode dropping tonight at 10:30 pm ET, but Comedy Central doesn’t need to be convinced of anything more. The network has already renewed comedian Nick Kroll’s sketch series Kroll Show for a second sea... [Read More]
Nikki & Sara Live premieres tonight on MTV with guest Ke$ha (Video)
The long-awaited premiere of Nikki & Sara Live goes down tonight on MTV at 11 pm ET, you guys. And they’ll be kicking the series off with none other than hugely famous pop star Ke$ha, who says she’s going to make a “big announcement.... [Read More]
Comedian John Mulaney lands television deal with Lorne Michaels and NBC
This should come as no surprise to true comedy lovers: stand-up comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney has landed a deal to produce a television pilot for NBC. Written by Mulaney and helmed by SNL honcho Lorne Michaels, the as-of... [Read More]
It’s official: HBO renews ‘Girls’ for a third season
After airing only two episodes of the second season and averaging an estimated 3.8 million viewers each Sunday, HBO has renewed Girls for a third season. What’s more, is that season three will consist of 12 episodes, up from the usual 10. If yo... [Read More]
“Creating Reality,” by Andy Kaufman, a still-living art exhibit
Andy Kaufman's final passport sits in a glass case, a snapshot of his optimism that remained even a couple of months before he died in 1984 at the age of 35. If it were anyone else, it could be haunting. But this is and was Andy Kaufman, where the de... [Read More]
Matt Damon takes over “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for all A-list “Jimmy Kimmel Sucks”
It began as an off-handed joke and became a 10-year-long running joke. "Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time." That's how Jimmy Kimmel ended his late-night episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, sometimes varying the wording a bit each weeknight on AB... [Read More]