Season two of “Stand Up and Deliver” on NUVOtv
The second season of NUVOtv's Stand Up & Deliver premieres tonight, with back-to-back episodes featuring headliners Maz Jobrani and Erik Griffin. It's hosted by Julissa Bermudez and Jose Sarduy, with four stand-up comedians showcased in each half-hour episode. After tonight's back-to-back episod... [Read More]
Comedy Central's '@midnight' Is Silly and Often Pretty Funny
by Bradford Evans The late night arena is now more cluttered than ever, with 17 comedy shows filling the airwaves every week between the hours of 11pm and 2am. Comedy Central added another show to the mix, @midnight, last night, expanding their hit Daily Show/Colbert Report late night block to 12:30... [Read More]
What's Every Former 'Daily Show' Correspondent Up to Now?
by Sam Haft For a long time, SNL was clearly the biggest incubator of comedic talent in America, turning complete unknowns into movie stars and household names on a regular basis. But over the past seventeen years, The Daily Show has increasingly become close to its equal in the comedy world. For a ... [Read More]
Pee-wee Herman tricks Scott Aukerman with treats for Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Halloween episode on IFC
Trick or treat! It's not a trick, but mostly treats this week as Pee-wee Herman visits IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday night for its Halloween episode. If Pee-wee is dressed up as a cowboy, then what is Paul Reubens dressed up as, exactly? Now that's a trick question. Here's a preview of Pee-wee'... [Read More]
Sneak peek at sneaky Pete Holmes impersonate Conan, check out first lineups, tapings for “The Pete Holmes Show” on TBS
Add another late-night TV show to your late-night TV viewing rounds, as The Pete Holmes Show has announced its lineups for the first two weeks of broadcasts at midnight Mondays-Thursdays on TBS, as well as the first three weeks of tapings. Set your TVs, DVRs and all reminders that mark your calendar... [Read More]
Talking to Lauren Lapkus About 'Comedy Bang! Bang!', Improv, and 'Orange Is the New Black'
by Matt Domino Lauren Lapkus may not yet be a household name in the world of comedy, but she is fast on her way to becoming one. Lapkus, an improv performer since her high school days, has accumulated an impressive list of achievements over the past three years: appearing in a sketch with Ryan Reyno... [Read More]
Watch Sarah Silverman’s unaired pilot, “Susan 313,” which NBC didn’t pick up in 2012
When TV networks sign a "put pilot" deal, the suits are essentially telling the talent that they'll put their pilot on TV, and if not, they'll give them even more money to back up that promise. Yet you didn't see Sarah Silverman's semi-autobiographical single-cam, Susan 313, on the fall 2012 primeti... [Read More]
The “Arrested Development” movie that creator Mitch Hurwitz would make right now. Honestly. For Netflix. October 2013 NYTVF edition answer.
Don't stop just because you think you've heard this all before. So many times. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz said he wants to to make an AD movie. But this time, this Monday night, in conversation with New York magazine's John Sellers for the keynote conversation Monday night to kick of... [Read More]
The Big Bang Theory leads all TV sitcoms in live and delayed (Live+7) viewing for Fall 2013
We're barely a month into the Fall 2013 TV season, and already America's four primary primetime broadcast networks have decided the fates of several of its rookie sitcoms. Welcome To The Family? From welcome mat to doormat, said NBC, showing it the exit after three episodes. We Are Men didn't even g... [Read More]
The American Version of 'The IT Crowd' That Never Made It to TV
by Matt Schimkowitz There’s no formula for good TV. Networks and studios shuffle through hundreds of new projects every year, but when it comes down to it, it’s easier remake, reboot, or sequelize. Throughout the 2000s, NBC struggled to bring highly popular and influential BBC television... [Read More]