SXSW Comedy, day 5: Tenacious D, Drunk History and Ghost Ghirls!
AUSTIN — Hoo boy, y’all. I know I’ve complained about the oddly-dressed masses who infiltrate the city for SXSW music, but I take it all back for a brief moment, because yesterday, my face was thoroughly rocked off at a kickass performance by t... [Read More]
Stuckey and Murray announce new album, “We Tried”
Stuckey And Murray, the music comedy duo who brought you the Fuxedo, the one piece tuxedo (no, really it’s a thing), will be releasing their 4th comedy album We Tried this summer. Stuckey and Murray’s music videos and sketches have over 20 million views and they’ve built a pretty l... [Read More]
SXSW Comedy, day 4: Marc Maron, Fred Armisen, Nasty Show and more!
AUSTIN — Sweet fancy Moses, we’re halfway into SXSW! This whole week is a marathon of networking, alcohol and hearing the words “innovation” and “creative flow” so many times you’ll probably have an aneurysm, so think happy thoughts for those o... [Read More]
The long, short, big and tall of it all: ABC’s “Splash” asks Louie Anderson, Kareem & more to take a dive
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool... ABC, which used to bring us Superstars on Saturday mornings a generation ago, is broadening the definition of athlete and celebrity while also narrowing the pool of athletic competitions t... [Read More]
Behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent from a comedian who bombed (Video)
To say comedy — especially stand-up comedy — is a rough, mostly thankless business, would be a severe understatement. Any comedian, even the hugely popular ones, will tell you they’ve experienced many more embarrassing failures than... [Read More]
Louis C.K. has it both ways in his meta-narrative trailer for “Oh My God” HBO special
Louis C.K. gets to have his HBO trailer and mock it, too, in this clip promoting his latest stand-up comedy special, "Oh My God," premiering on April 13, 2013. Roll the clip! [Read More]
Why Charlie Chaplin is still important to comedy 36 years after his death
On Sunday it will have been 38 years since Charlie Chaplin received his knighthood. Sure, he received it a little late into his life, but he was a knight nonetheless – even if it was only for two years. So, skipping over those controversial issues th... [Read More]
Tina Fey tells photographer ‘go f*ck yourself’ when asked about Taylor Swift joke
When you shove a video camera in Tina Fey’s face on the streets of New York City and start asking her inane questions about a joke she made about Taylor Swift, be prepared. That scene played out yesterday when a paparazzo-type, fishing for a re... [Read More]
Previously unreleased clip from the “Totally Biased” pilot presentation: Janine Brito apologizes as Tracy Morgan
Here's a clip you didn't see on the first two seasons of FX's Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, because it didn't appear in any of those episodes! It's Janine Brito, "dandy lesbian dandy" writer for the show, apologizing last year on behalf of Tracy... [Read More]
Report: Howard Stern will replace Jimmy Fallon when Jay Leno leaves Tonight Show
Last weekend news broke that Jimmy Fallon would replace Jay Leno in 2014 as host of The Tonight Show and that NBC would make the announcement as early as May. Although the network denied the story in the Hollywood Reporter, who cited “two high-level ... [Read More]