Ben Stiller’s fake “Tropic Thunder” trailers inspire new Web series
Inspired by the fake trailers sprinkled into 2008′s Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller is set to launch The Fake Trailer Project– essentially a series of 12 trailer parodies offered as a new Web series. The trailers will be unveiled one week at ... [Read More]
The New Trailer for High Road Is Even Darker
That is some heavy shit to yes, and. The second High Road trailer is significantly bleaker than the High Road red band trailer. If anything, the new cut makes Matt Walsh's film look a little like an infinitely more realistic Knocked Up: unplanned pregnancy, police intervention and despair abound in the primarily improvised stoner flick. [Read More]
High Road Is Like UCB Fan Porn
We all love Lizzy Caplan, Joe Lo Truglio, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Kyle Gass, marijuana (just kidding!) and improv (really just kidding!), right? Then clearly we will all love High Road, a film about stoners doing stoner things. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman and Rainn Wilson In the Peep World Trailer
I have this weird disorder where I can't separate actors from their most famous roles. So, as far as I can tell, Peep World is a movie where Sarah Silverman, Dexter and Dwight Schrute are all siblings in a dysfunctional family. And, oh no, Sloan... [Read More]
Rob Corddry, Zach Galifianakis and Bob Odenkirk In This Crazy Looking B-Movie
In school I was an almost straight-A student (damn you, Driver's Ed!). In retrospect that's really lame. Straight-B students were much cooler because they were clearly smart, but weren'... [Read More]