Image of Donald Glover Talks About His History of Pretending to be Tracy Morgan
Donald Glover Talks About His History of Pretending to be Tracy Morgan
Thursday is 30 Rock's second annual (maybe?) live show and the most talked about part is that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Chilly Gam Gam aka Dish of Gumbo is going to be playing young Tracy Jordan. In the above interview, we learn this is not a new thing. When he was writing on 30 Rock, T... [Read More]
Image of Comic Controversy: Top 5 Most Offensive Jokes
Comic Controversy: Top 5 Most Offensive Jokes
Some would say that when it came to work, stand-up comedians didn’t have it hard at all. I disagree with that sentiment. Comedians have one of the most mentally difficult jobs there is. They are put on stage in front of countless people and mad... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan Lifts Spirits of Patriots’ Fans with Impromptu Comedy Routine
On the way home after the Super Bowl, Tracy Morgan found himself among New England Patriots fans in an Indianapolis airport. It was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Although Morgan himself is not a Patriots fan, he did a pretty good job of c... [Read More]
Shock Therapy: Comedy and Controversy
Remember when Russell Brand caught heat from the Disability Alliance for referring to the Paralympic Games as a “novelty?” Comedians are infamous for their off-color jokes and crossing the line. Over this past year we have seen some of our favo... [Read More]
Image of '30 Rock' Seeks to Close a Controversial Chapter With Comedy -
'30 Rock' Seeks to Close a Controversial Chapter With Comedy -
If Thursday night’s installment of “30 Rock” had a lesson to teach, it might be that the show sees satire in even the most perilous circumstances. In a familiar scenario Mr. Morgan’s character, Tracy Jordan, angers audiences with a standup set that is criticized as homophobic.. [Read More]
Watch Tracy Morgan talk about his new fiancee, 30 Rock and why he hates wearing underwear
In exactly one week (Jan. 12), season six of 30 Rock will premiere on NBC at 8 pm ET. And like they do in the biz, the cast has been making the rounds on the television to help promote this fact. Alec Baldwin even got thrown off a plane! Although it ... [Read More]
SNL from the Bleachers, Part 2: Live!
***For all the info on how we came to be inside & seated, check out part 1!*** As lucky standby folks were still being seated, Lenny Picket and the band made way for Kenan Thompson, who took to the stage at “home base” (where the monologue is always done... [Read More]
Best of 2011: The Comedy Awards
A year ago, most people would have said we needed more awards shows like we needed more shows about people getting additional holes in their heads (incidentally, don't miss Head-Holers, coming next Spring to TLC). But while we might not have ne... [Read More]
Russell Brand, Lewis Black, Jimmy Fallon appear in New York Times video series
If you’re anything like us here at Laughspin, you probably love to learn about the behind-the-scenes world of comedy. Comedy nerddom means we’re always asking questions: how do comedians get started in their career path? Where do they find their insp... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan Takes on the New York Comedy Festival
by Mike Henneberger Last Thursday, a sold-out crowd filled the Beacon Theatre in New York as Tracy Morgan celebrated his birthday (and mine) with a headlining performance for the New York Comedy Festival. Those who aren’t familiar with Tracy’s stand... [Read More]