Tig Notaro: Calling all clowns!
Have you ever felt so depressed that you called a professional clown company to send a clown over to your home to cheer you up? Comedian Tig Notaro has. And Notaro has used that experience to write a short film that she'd like to produce called Clown... [Read More]
Review: This American Life LIVE
It’s a very specific audience that breaks into an ovation upon hearing the words “from WBEZ in Chicago…” emanate from a movie screen. That’s what This American Life host Ira Glass was faced with when he recited the familiar line at the top of Thursday night’s ... [Read More]
Tig Notaro joins cast of Sarah Silverman’s pilot for NBC, will play lesbian mother
We reported last month that the casting process had begun for Sarah Silverman’s single-camera comedy pilot for NBC . Well, its been announced that comedian and Sarah’s BFF Tig Notaro has joined the cast! [Read More]
Tig Notaro, “Good One”
Tig Notaro's "Good One" wound up on multiple best-of lists in 2011. The CD certainly opens with a bang, as Notaro is brought onstage by good friend Sarah Silverman (how many stand-up comedians can match that starpower in an introduction?), and in les... [Read More]
Tig Notaro returned to the Conan stage last night, building off her hilarious last visit in September. Topics of the day included unusual reflections on her name, the bathing style of toddlers, and stool sounds. Be sure to watch all of Tig’s R... [Read More]
Some comedians push the envelope; on Conan, Tig Notaro pushes the stool
Some comedians like to push the envelope. Tig Notaro likes to push the stool. No, really. Tig showed us what she means last night on Conan. Conan seems to have found its own personality in finding comedians it likes and featuring them multiple times.... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman & Friends at the New York Comedy Festival
My friends are usually imaginary and criticize my haircuts. Sarah Silverman's friends are great stand-ups who put on a great show for the New York Comedy Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Which, in some countries, is basically the same... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman and friends raise money for NAACP at “glorious” anti-Rick Perry show
Sarah Silverman has never shied away from employing racial slurs in her comedy, but she’s always maintained that—like any good comedian—she’s making a larger point about racism when she uses racist language, rather than exploiting offensive terms mer... [Read More]
Tig Notaro: Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
talks about why she chose to be the only comedian on a music label, the slightly unorthodox way she taped the album's contents, collaborating with Sarah Silverman, and more. [Read More]
Tig Notaro will perform stand-up comedy in your living room
In order for you to even have the chance to experience a show like this, you’ll need to pre-order her album, Good One, out Aug. 2. Here’s what you do: go here and lay your money down for either the CD version of the album or — get this — you can snag an LP version. That’s it. You’ll be automatically entered to win the aforementioned prize. The winner will be chosen and announced on Aug. 9. [Read More]