John C. Reilly Reveals His and Jon Stewart's Song
Admit it. The very first time you ever saw Jon Stewart and John C. Reilly sit down together ten years ago, the gentle lush strains of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley's inimitable "Leather and La... [Read More]
Samantha Knows What You Are, But This Is An Interview
Someone call in a domestic disturbance, because Samantha Bee's new book I Know I Am, But What Are You? has HIT the shelves! JK! Don't call the cops. I was just taking a common phrase very li... [Read More]
The Not-So-Secret History of the Colbert/Stewart/O'Brien Feud
By now, you've all seen the video of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart having a dance-fighting Conan last night. Its clear these three men, like Julies Caesar, Marcus Brutus and Mark Anthony before... [Read More]
Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News | NYTimes
Last week that comedian did something that the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” the morning show on Fox News, did not do: he had his staff members call the White House and ask a question. [Read More]
Jon Stewart f-bombs Fox News with gospel choir | Raw Story
Bernie Goldberg made the mistake of firing back at Jon Stewart after the comedian called out hypocrisy at Fox News. After Goldberg's attack, Jon Stewart took the fight to the next level by inviting a chorus to sing "go f*ck yourself" to Goldberg. [Read More]
Brian Williams - Jon Stewart Is Indispensable | Comedy Central Insider
Newsweek has come out with a list of the decade's top "Influencers," and Jon Stewart ranked second. Even better, they let Brian Williams write the accompanying profile, and he said a lot of nice things [Read More]
Fox News Just Can't Stop Responding to Jon Stewart's Comedy Program | Gawker
Tonight, Bill O'Reilly's guest couldn't let Jon Stewart jest and jape at his expense without a rebuttal. Bernard Goldberg is a Fox News commentator, but it seems like he's also an aspiring satirist himself.. [Read More]
'Daily Show' Producers, Writers Say They're Serious about Media Criticism | Poynter Online
"I feel like there are lot of critics of the government but there are very few critics of the media who have an audience and are credible and keep a watch on things," said "Daily Show" writer Elliott Kalan. "That's a role that we provide that we take very seriously." [Read More]
14 Potential Replacements For Jon Stewart On ‘The Daily Show' | The Laugh Track
After a few weeks of summer vacation, Jon Stewart will return with new episodes of "The Daily Show" on September 14. But, what if he didn't return? He has ruled the roost for mocking the news for a full decade now, and who knows… perhaps the time off got him thinking about what he'll do next. After all, a real news anchor named Charles Gibson announced his retirement from ABC while Stewart was gone. We started wondering, how would "The Daily Show" go on without Stewart? Whom could we get to ... [Read More]
New role for 'Daily Show' reporter Aasif Mandvi
Most people know Aasif Mandvi as one of 'The Daily Show's' sarcastic and witty correspondents. Most people know Aasif Mandvi as one of the sarcastic and witty correspondents on "The Daily Show." So his latest role will take a lot of people by surprise: Mandvi plays a Middle Eastern detainee in "The Response," a courtroom drama based on actual transcripts of the Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. [Read More]