The Late Night Guest Hall of Fame
by Bradford Evans Everyone wants to be funny on a late night show, but only a handful of comedians are known for making every talk show appearance they do a work of art. Anytime you see someone like Bill Murray or Louis C.K. on the docket for a late night interview, you know it's going to be somethi... [Read More]
Scott Aukerman talks about presiding over the second season of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!
Scott Aukerman doesn't host Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC, so much as he presides over a circus of characters and interviews that aren't interviews, to the point where any viewers who thought they'd tuned into a proverbial late-night talk show come to realize that they'll enjoy it once they embrace the ... [Read More]
First look: Kirk Fox as host of “The Test”
"If I'm doing my job correctly, it's going to be a beginning to a new chapter in their life." That's stand-up comedian Kirk Fox. But he's not talking comedy. He's talking the talk as the host of new daytime syndicated program, The Test. As he noted o... [Read More]
Kirk Fox to host new DNA dispute talk show, “The Test”
Looks as though Kirk Fox has passed Dr. Phil's tests. Phil and Jay McGraw's Stage 29 Productions (which puts out other daytime TV fare such as The Doctors) has announced plans for Fox to host The Test, a one-hour talk show syndicated throughout Ameri... [Read More]
Best in Comedy 2012: The breakout year of Chris Hardwick
BBC America announced Wednesday that it's giving Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist colleagues a promotion -- a full, regular season of hourlong episodes of The Nerdist comedy variety show for 2013. “As a huge fanboy of nerd culture stuff, we at the Nerd... [Read More]
Comedy Doesn’t Like Republicans
Yeah, it’s poll day and hopefully all this political bullshit will finally subside. It’s been a shitty last few months for those who realize what Electoral College is and are tired of the bitch-fits between each side of the political spectrum.  It ha... [Read More]
Jamie Denbo on bringing “Ronna & Beverly” across the pond to Sky Atlantic
Ronna Glickman and Beverly Kahn are the fictional best-selling co-authors of You'll Do a Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles. In real life, Ronna and Beverly are comedians Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo, f... [Read More]
Serious talk: Conan O’Brien launches separate, longer online “Jibber Jabber” interview series
Do you like Conan O'Brien but wish he would sit down with his talk-show guests for much longer than a commercial break? And forget the commercial break? And the jokes, too? Just get down to the jibber-jabber, already?! He has. O'Brien and Team Coco l... [Read More]
Comedian Matt Goldich launches Twitter talk show
As if you needed another reason to leave Facebook — with all of it’s unnecessary changes — Twitter, in addition to being mostly non-invasive, now has it’s own talk show. Former writer for the Late Show with David Letterman and... [Read More]
Timing: E! signs deal with Ross Mathews as Chelsea Handler lets him guest host, looks to exit
Seems like only a decade ago that viewers first saw a flamboyant chubby kid stealing scenes from Jay Leno's Tonight Show as "Ross the Intern." Wait. That was a decade ago? Well, now Ross Mathews is all grown up, slimmed down, but still flamboyant in ... [Read More]